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10 Second Anime - Shokugeki no Soma - Episode 17

Souma visits home and discovers his neighboring shops are in financial straits. Souma declares war on the new restaurant stealing their customers.

Episode 17 - "The Seductive Karaage"


It's no surprise that the childhood friend that got peanut butter tentacle raped by Souma's nasty dish was going to make a reappearance at some point. Welcome back, Mayumi!
Her friend Aki is mighty supportive of Mayumi's feelings for Souma.

I wish more friends followed Aki's lead in solving the embarrassment hurdle for these mousy types - punch 'em in the gut!
Yatta! Nikumi, in all her tsundere glory, is back!

Her huge crush on Souma is easily one of my favorite elements of this show. What makes it even better is how clueless Souma is when it comes to girls being attracted to him. Besides his cooking genius, he's just a regular teenage boy not that interested in girls yet.

And then they were off to invade enemy territory, this unlikely trio of the plain childhood friend, the new bombshell classmate, and the idiot who has no idea the two girls like him.
Has it really been only two months since Souma left for Totsuki?


As an interlude, I quite like how this side story fits in with the overall story. Souma shows off a bit more of his hometown, the economics of the restaurant business in attracting customers and the importance of location became an important part of Souma's education and the outside consultant for the rival restaurant Mozuya was a good way to introduce more of the Elite 10 characters.
Plus, and this is a big plus for me, adding Ikumi into the story is a huge way to make up for the distinct lack of her presence during the training camp act. Nikumi! Banzai!


Well, how would you reintroduce an important character from the past? By reminding the audience of her best assets!

Ikumi chose the right outfit. Just sayin'. It's good to be yourself, Ikumi!

I figured there was more going on with these fried chicken nuggets when discerning tongues achieved foodgasm from essentially fast food fare.

Spending a bit of time in the kitchen can be hot, sweaty work.

Interestingly enough, Ikumi dresses rather normally at home. And she's diligent with her club recipes. You can tell the seriousness of the battle by how little she wears.

This must be a version of her scouting mission wear.

The obvious question is "What will she wear during the final showdown with the Mozuya manager?"
That lady's uniform couldn't hide what she has underneath there, so the future foodgasm from Souma's fried chicken is going to be awesome!

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