Monday, July 27, 2015

10 Second Anime - Shokugeki no Soma - Episode 16

Souma's father tests how much his son has grown in their own competition.

Episode 16 - "The Chef Who's Crossed a Thousand Leagues"


Oh well. 490 straight losses for Souma. I love how his dad childishly gloats too. Not in a mean way, but just enough to get Souma's goat.
We haven't seen Souma cause a sensual foodgasm in quite a while. The prince of apples gave Megumi a nice wake-up feeling.

Isshiki and Fumio felt that the touch of pepper gave them a warm waltzing sensation.

Thank goodness we got the young Fumio version instead of the present one.
Still, there was a great chasm between Souma and his dad's skill. It came down to paying attention to detail too. While Souma concentrated on waking people up and not making something that would make people feel heavy, Joichiro knew it would be better to fill people with energy while surprising them with an interesting dish.

That rejuvenation may have went too far! Isshiki and Megumi turned back into kids and Fumio devolved back along the evolutionary tree!
I wonder what business Joichiro had at the school. Maybe we'll find out later.
Erina had a big old crush on him too. Something more to look forward to.
It looks like to me that Souma still focuses on sensations for his cooking instead of a more layered approach. I guess that comes with maturity. Joichiro doesn't always have to make people have sexy foodgasms. Sometimes he makes food that people need to eat.
Joichiro's visit was a nice way of checking Souma's progress and for some of his friends to get to know him better too. It also made a nice transition for the next episode where Souma goes home over a school break. Even better - Ikumi, the new girl with a crush on Souma, meets the old girl with a crush on Souma. I can't wait for that.

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