Friday, July 31, 2015

10 Second Anime - Prison School - Episode 4 [BD Updates]

Gakuto and Kiyoshi make final preparations for the Great Date Escape. Things don't go exactly to plan and more disaster may strike soon enough.

Episode 4 - "Take Me Out to the Sumo"


After this episode, I'm not that impressed with Kiyoshi. He may be an idea man, but he just doesn't pay attention to detail. Pretty much everything that went wrong with the caper was due to his half-ass execution.

Gakuto saw the major flaw in Kiyoshi's plan and set about solving it right away.

He needed to do something so bad that he required special punishment.

No. Being reverse piledriven into a crotch plant is not special punishment. Apparently, that's just regular punishment.

Because porn in Japan censors the genitals, or anything resembling the genitals, this kind of humor works. It was a hilarious nod to the sexual humor in this show with the right twist to advance the plot.

Kiyoshi needed a wig, otherwise he would just look like a boy in a dress! Too bad Gakuto didn't ask Kiyoshi for the other details of his plan, like how he would create an opening to actually grab a dirty uniform, or make sure he got one the right size, or even that it wasn't the one belonging to the girl he was going to see.

Meiko can just sense mischief happening. I don't understand how Kiyoshi thought he could just change clothes by the side of the building without making sure he wouldn't be caught. Sure, he was lucky Meiko was occupied whipping the other guys, but what if she wasn't? Just not impressed. He was able to solve some things on the fly, though.

I swear, those wireless speakers always go to sleep or run out of battery power at the most inconvenient times. Like when you need to make a fart noise to fool a busty librarian dominatrix type. What? That's never happened to you?

So, Gakuto. Were you happy to see those track club girls, or was that a wireless speaker in your pocket? Oh, both. Say no more.

I quite enjoyed the track club girls' running commentary on how Gakuto suffered abuse from Meiko.

Nice cliffhanger! Did Kiyoshi make it back in time? Did he buy the figurines? Why didn't he bring a set of normal clothes to change into?


Okay, Meiko needs to get ready for her section.

Well, it's not like she's supposed to own this part of the review, but with the other girls not stepping up, and Hana still missing, Meiko is going to get all my visceral reactions.

This week on Meiko's crotch watch.

Of course Kiyoshi would recognize Meiko's thong. She flashes it at the prisoners so often, how could he not?

Mari's crows are a bit curious about Meiko too.

Mari appeared to have some leverage on Meiko, like she was threatening her with going to prison too if she couldn't handle the boys by herself. But like I keep asking, why isn't Hana helping her?

Besides Mari's intimidating conversation with her, Gakuto's recording of bowel distress was the only other time we saw Meiko unsettled.

How rude of Kiyoshi. Even if he is sitting on the toilet, you don't reply with a huge raspberry sound.


The blu-rays added the much needed context of Meiko's uncensored crotch ( I kid... not really) plus let Kiyoshi and Gakuto stare at some different crotches besides Meiko's.

Meiko's Crotch Watch is much more interesting without the celestial shadows and rays of censorship.

I'm sure the boys are quite happy with Meiko's crotch sightings, but a little variety goes a long way.

I'm just amazed that Meiko's butt clenching and sweaty thighs are just as expressive as her face.


I'm enjoying the classic storytelling elements in this show. The first act is about over, no matter what happens with the escape attempt, so we needed a bit of foreshadowing for the next one. Something is going to happen to Meiko over the boys' behavior, which is what her discomforting scene with Mari is about, along with Mari's assurance to her father that boys will always do something to extend their prison sentence.

The misunderstanding between Chiyo and Kiyoshi over her uniform is going to add another layer of drama for the next act as well. Kiyoshi is going to be in the doghouse for a long time because of the lying about getting permission to go on their date mixed in with the wig and her uniform. Those elements don't lend themselves to a rational explanation. Thankfully this is a comedy, so misunderstandings based on coincidences and events taken out of context is all the rationality we need.

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