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10 Second Anime - Rail Wars! - Episode 10

Rail Wars! - Episode 10

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Safety Crew 4 escorts a prince on a sleeper train. Aoi tails a suspicious person. Bad guys show up and so does Aoi.


Spoiler alert - that's not Prince Bernina, but Princess Bernina.

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Yes, Takayama, it's time to worry.

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Maybe Takayama is starting to think about other things besides trains. When he thought a girl might be in the shower, he imagined this very inviting scene.

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But he might be thinking it was Haruka only because he knew Aoi wasn't there with them. She was off sashaying, er, stalking a potential threat.

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And it looks like her target brought her back to the right place at the right time.

 photo OmakeGifAnime-RailWars-Episode10-AoiFlyingKnee_zpse37871d2.gif

I used to be bad guy with the upper hand, but then I took a flying knee to the face... wait, that's not how that goes.


Bernina is just as big a train nerd as Takayama.

Haruka didn't like Bernina calling Takayama by his first name. There's a harem horse race going on, and she doesn't need a dark horse coming from behind, even if she thinks "he's" a boy. I liked how she had to make sure Takayama knew that she just went to school with Bernina for a little while, and that there wasn't anything deeper than that going on. Take the hint, Takayama.

I wish I were a little thrush that says "tettsu."

 photo OmakeGifAnime-RailWars-Episode10-NanaPetting_zps61a72dc2.gif

Train latte art? Mari's got the inside track on Takayama.

 photo OmakeGifAnime-RailWars-Episode10-TrainLatteArt_zpsa8d94ff4.gif

With Aoi off chasing a suspicious person, Haruka needs to suit up for action. If Takayama can just let her finish putting on her Aoi level short skirt...

 photo OmakeGifAnime-RailWars-Episode10-HarukaSuitsUp_zpsaeb601fe.gif

You can't be a harem master if you don't master the art of barging into private spaces. Good job, Takayama.

Iwaizumi may be skilled, but it looks like he needs more space to operate.

 photo OmakeGifAnime-RailWars-Episode10-IwaizumiLunge_zps73d70a55.gif


Escorting a prince far down the line of succession seemed like an easy training mission, but where would the drama be in that? Sure, we could have had all the train nerd jokes and the blushing nakedness of a girl dressed as a boy, but then we wouldn't have Aoi's Flying Knee. Short action arc in Rail Wars! means at least two episodes of tension. To top off the story, we need to see Bernina in a ball gown. Just saying.

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