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10 Second Anime - Soul Eater Not! - Episode 4

Soul Eater Not! - Episode 4

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Tsugumi tries to figure out her goals at Death Weapon Meister Academy. Bloomers, 1; Anya, 0. Clay could write for soap operas.


Gargantos watch: nope. I was looking for it too.

Tsugumi's so bold! Kyaa! Asking Akane out to a café just like that.

I like the little touches this fua-fua cute girls doing cute things show does. First, we have Tsugumi making sure that Akane has the cheesecake instead of her. Then we have her shuffling her chair next to Clay to ask him a question.

Clay may be able to add a lot of details when he's surprised, but the original thought of trying to place Akane's "interest" on someone else to keep the cover on their mission was where he went wrong. It seems clear now that Clay and Akane's mission is to protect Anya, and probably because she just ran away from home, but the royal family is keeping tabs on her just the same.

Meme likes to roam around in her sleep, but how does she get naked AND dirty? I hope we get an episode where we join her on her nightly excursions.

Anya may have overcome the short skirt for her maid uniform, but bloomers for her PE uniform? Impossible!

Omake Gif Anime - Soul Eater Not! - Episode 4 - Anya's Bloomers photo OmakeGifAnime-SoulEaterNot-Episode4-AnyasBloomers_zps6ef0dfc4.gif

Anya also drew a picture of that Traitor hooded guy on her punching bag and gave it a real Royal Karate workout. Anya, fight-o!

Kana the fortune-teller laid out The Flat card for Tsugumi. Hah. It always comes down to oppai vs. pettanko.


This was a well structured episode to get into a few characters' backstories. Using the scary incident with the Traitor guy, where Tsugumi couldn't transform into a weapon successfully, we see a mix of the different kind of students at DWMA. Some are there for martial arts related business, like Akane, some have forgotten (come on, Meme...), some have their own personal reasons, like Anya who isn't ready to tell anyone why she's there yet, and then there are students like Tsugumi who just found out one day that they can transform. Because it was an accident that she found out, and they explain that these talents show up during puberty, Tsugumi feels like her whole life has become an accident, and she doesn't know what her goals should be, when it seems like everyone else already has them. Except Meme. We got a pure fua-fua show episode conclusion, where Tsugumi hasn't decided on anything yet, but she knows she wants to keep up with Anya and Meme. Good enough for now.

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