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10 Second Anime - Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 5

Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 5

Hachiken spreads himself too thin for the cultural festival. The girls call out Aki on her cluelessness over Hachiken's feelings. Thin Tamako reappears to help show cows.

Hachiken's reputation of being the "guy who can't say no," as opposed to the more healthy "reliable guy," gets the better of him, and he ends up being in charge of way too many preparations for the cultural festival. He really is reliable though, because he does the right thing in many cases of recruiting helpers. What he doesn't do is leave them to their work as he might better spend his time checking the progress of all the other things he and his classmates need to get ready. The guy in charge of the banba track (banba is draft horse race where they pull heavy loads up small hills) does not need to be pounding posts in the ground if he's also in charge of his class' food stall.

The girls are getting a little frustrated with how clueless Aki is when it comes to Hachiken's obvious hints that he likes her. Even to the point where she didn't realize that Hachiken had actually asked her out on a date after the festival is over. No wonder their Equestrian Club senior tells him he's rooting for him.

We also have the welcome reappearance of thin Tamako. The Holstein Club was oblivious to how boring their cow beauty pageant would be with just leading the cows around in a circle. Thankfully Shinnosuke asked Tamako to shed her weight in exchange for about 50 bucks worth of food tickets. Tamako has her priorities...

The morning of the festival arrives, and Hachiken has taken the Vice Prez out for his morning walk. He's looking forward to all the events after the hard work he's done, and the date with Aki afterwards. But after Hachiken gets up too fast, the Vice Prez discovers he has collapsed. Spread too thin, "can't say no" guy.

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