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10 Second Anime - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 6

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 6

School trip means couple time, bored friends left behind, night raids getting thwarted, girl talk, boy talk, and stolen kisses. Kyaa! Rikka! So Bold!

We knew those night vision goggles would be featured again. It's the school trip to Kyuushuu, and that means the established couples get to sit next to each on the long rides, and get some good-natured ribbing from their classmates. Rikka is still very embarrassed by people acknowledging that she and Yuuta are actually dating. Also, we get more Isshiki time, but not in a good way for him. Wearing hats doesn't solve his popularity problem, and wearing a towel on his head like a Japanese thief will not convince the teachers you just entered the wrong part of the hotel by mistake.

That leaves the boys a man short on their planned raid to the girls' section of the hotel. They'll have to console themselves with telling ghost stories.

We also learn that Shinka is very popular with the girls and the boys. And finally, during a girl-talk session in the hot baths, she gets some grilling on what was going on with her and Yuuta last year when she was trying to make sure he didn't have any knowledge of her Mori Summer alter ego. That is some serious squirming to explain she wasn't interested in Yuuta without letting them know about her chuunibyou syndrome even though she almost let the secret out during their tour of the old fort earlier in the day. She needs to take a lesson from Yuuta who lets his old interests out while playing with Rikka. That's a much healthier way to go.

Meanwhile, back home, Dekomori is bored. Bored, bored, bored to death.

Almost literally. Children, please, do not play in open windows. She, Kumin, and Kuzuha have their own girl-talk about Yuuta and Rikka shying away from each other when someone walks in on them. They want to help them get over their embarrassment with being a couple, but don't know how. Hmm, maybe the words of wisdom from the real Mori Summer can help? Let's put her love advice on a web page! That even Shinka's friends can see! Noooo! Judging from Dekomori's reaction to the web address, she's not responsible for the site. New mysterious fan of Mori Summer's Whispers?

With the boys' plans to join the girls in their rooms before lights out dashed, they settle for ghost stories and interrogating Yuuta on how far he's gotten with Rikka. Eh??!! You haven't even kissed yet? Well, boys are boys. However, someone else is brave enough to sneak around, and she has night-vision goggles!

Rikka stages her own raid to see Yuuta, of course justifying it through some fantastical filter. Her entry is good for a laugh, because Yuuta can see her ahoge first, but the scaredy-cat boy only sees the red eyes of the goggles. With a teacher coming, Yuuta has to hide Rikka under his covers, and... hesitation... anitcipation...

Kyaa! But denied! Shinka makes herself a diversion to get Rikka back to the girls' section of the hotel. Rikka is safely back, but even with a promise to spend their free time tomorrow with each other, she can't leave things as they are. She turns around and gives Yuuta a nice good kiss on the cheek! Yes! It was clear she wanted to kiss Yuuta, but out in the open, this is all she can manage. Which is good enough for teenagers, really.

I like the how this season has Rikka coming out of her chuunibyou shell, when she talks to Yuuta in her normal voice, which still sounds very unsure of itself. Those little moments really make this show happen, and I look forward to what this voice will sound like compared to the fake hero voice she puts on when she talks like the Evil Lord Death Eye. That will be fun.

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