Sunday, January 05, 2014

Preview Gif Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 1

Witch Craft Works - Episode 1

The tall, quiet, beautiful idol of the high school happens to be a fire witch bodyguard for that guy? And she calls him princess?

One of the Winter Season's first candidates to take a slot in my 10 Second Anime feature is Witch Craft Works. We have quite a few anime clichés mashed together, but it primarily looks like a harem love comedy, with the twist that the other girls all want to kill our main character.

The first and best girl place is already taken by the tall beautiful, busty, quiet Kagari. She's the high school idol, and has many jealous fans, especially jealous of Takamiya, our main character who coincidentally always rides the same bus, sits next to her in class, and shares after-school cleaning duties. Seemingly coincidentally. After being attacked by a witch with cat-ears by her army of robot bunnies (not very consistent, but maybe that girl just likes bunnies; she does wear a bunny backpack), we find out that Kagari is a flame witch protecting Takamiya, whom she calls "princess." Taller, stronger, and more masculine. Way to go Takamiya. Congratulations on your new mysterious magical girlfriend. Plus, you've earned the overt hatred of all of Kagari's jealous fans.

At the end of the episode, we're introduced to five new transfer students, all apparently witch assassins, including the cat-eared witch with the bunny robot army. I see the five new additions to Takamiya-hime's harem. We'll probably see Takamiya discover his own magical powers, and then "earn" his harem of witches. If we let Kagari have tons of screen time, I won't mind that our main character is so useless early on.

I like the character designs, the action battle scenes were nicely animated, the skirts are the right length, and there was no rushed pacing. Witch Craft Works looks promising with just its first episode so far.

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