Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 Second Anime - Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 1

Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 1

The 2nd season of Silver Spoon starts us off right. Looking at cow udders (again), new responsibilities, some old ones, and a bit of drama.

I could have sworn Hachiken was warned not to look at women's udders... Yes, Hachiken is from the city, so the idea that cows wear big, black brassieres was just out of his sphere of imagination. I mean, when your crush asks you to look for a black bra she misplaced, what would you think? Especially when you're a 15 year old boy? Yeah, Hachiken, cows wear bras.

The opening montage with all the good food made from farm fresh ingredients and the opening fish-out-of-water joke set-up quickly brings us back to the agricultural trade school seen through the eyes of city boy Hachiken. After the summer break, the seniors have to give up the club duties, which means new officers have to be chosen. Surprisingly, Hachiken is named the vice president of the equestrian club. His seniors tell him it's because he's good at building consensus with other people, and he has the reputation of the guy who can't say no. That's a double-edged sword in high school.

Not everything is jokes and school life here though. The first bit of drama for the season has Hachiken walking into a serious conversation between Komaba and Aki. Aki appears to have received some bad news back home, and since Komaba is her neighbor and childhood friend, whatever it is affects him somewhat too. Hachiken wants to know what's wrong and help if he can, but they both tell him it's not his business. Whatever is wrong back home drives home the idea in Hachiken that Komaba and Aki should probably end up together, but they both have never given off that vibe with each other. However, the way Aki and Komaba talk to each other about the issue, it sounds like an arranged marriage, Komaba's farm being sold to the Mikages, or some other farm business affecting the Komabas. It's probably not the arranged marriage thing, but you never know.

Meanwhile, school life goes on, with Komaba turning into a starting pitcher for their baseball team. The coach knows how to motivate his guys, by promising something better than barbecue: sushi! And because Hachiken is really concerned about his friends, he asks Aki straight out what is going on. She shoots him down with another response of "it doesn't involve you." Harsh. The End.

Ah well, Hachiken will find out soon enough. Since he spent the summer working at the Mikage farm, and helped out at the Komaba farm, he considers them part of his larger family already. Whatever is going on back home will involve him somehow. He's just that kind of guy.

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