Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - Episode 15

Yowamushi Pedal - Episode 15

Onoda decides to try to make the team for the Inter-High Race. The Big Three 2.0 realize to make the team, they need to pass the 2nd-years, but those 2 have a plan to prevent that.

The new bromance between Onoda and climbing-no-ikemen Manami spurs Onoda to join Imaizumi and Naruko on the team that races at the Inter-High Race. Supposedly, they only allow 6-man teams, and the first 3 spots are already taken by The Big Three. During the first two days of training camp, Kinjou the Captain has been stressing that they'll make the team if they complete the 1000 kilometers in 4 days, but on the 3rd day he reveals the truth. You need to complete the distance in the first 6 spots. Training camp has been turned into a race. The 2nd-years, who have been riding together all this time, already knew this, and they've been conserving their strength to stay ahead of any of the first-years who challenge their placings.

When the Big Three 2.0, well, actually just Naruko and Imaizumi, catch up to those 2 guys in number of laps, they unleash their plan: Breakaway! While one guy spoils and blocks the guys behind, the other guy can get ahead and lap the others. Presumably, when that breakaway guy gets too tired, he can swap places with the spoiler, and let that guy get his laps in. The 2nd-years have done their homework on Naruko and Imaizumi, since they actually raced and got beaten by them when they were younger. But again, Onoda is their wildcard. If Imaizumi and Naruko can't get away, will they let Onoda break away on one of the climbs? We've got race action in a training camp. That Kinjou, what a guy.

This week's cycling porn is more gear and more brands:

Quiet-guy is rocking a Corratec, and perm-guy has a Cannondale. Makishima likes hanging is helmet on his brake hoods like I used to do. The 2nd-years on their descent have their knees in the wrong position in the wide shot. Going left on that banked turn means the left knees should be tucked. In the close-up of perm-guy's legs, he's doing it correctly. A little mistake from the CGI guys. That black crank of his makes be think he put a Campagnolo on there. I don't know if SRAM was popular enough in Japan for the manga artist to include in his component designs. Tadokoro likes to click his big bear paws into a Shimano pedal. Finally, perm-guy's blocking tactics might get him relegated on a sprint approach, otherwise he's just being a real douche bag. The pros are a little more subtle about it.

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