Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Second Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 2

Witch Craft Works - Episode 2

The witches don't care about Takamiya, they just want his body. Uh, wait. They just want something white that's in his body... That's not a better explanation!

Apparently those five new witches are no match for Kagari, even combined. They try to explain to Takamiya why they're targeting him, but it just ends up sounding perverted. Oh well, we've got more than a hint this time around. Also, a cute touch is that part of Kagari's flame nature involves cute little familiars hanging around her. They're a bit smirkier than she is, but they still seem to match her moods, which is good for the viewer, since Kagari is portrayed as a stoic.

With all the random attacks happening to Takamiya, even in department stores, it's no wonder Kagari and her mother, the headmaster of the school, think it's a good idea to take him on as an apprentice witch. The purpose of the little trip around the city was to buy his new witchy robes, and along the way we meet a few more of the regulars in this witchy world.

As Kagari explains things to Takamiya, there are two kinds of witches in the world: Crafting Witches, who protect the towns which grow up around their workshops, and Witches of the Tower, who represent chaos and accruing power for their own selfish ends. There is a bounty on Takamiya's body, and his own nature has been hidden from him as he's grown up. Mind you, I wouldn't mind being targeted by this dark-skinned beauty:

Hellooo sexy witch! Speaking of sexy, we see where Kagari gets her "style" from when we meet the school headmaster and how happy she is for Takamiya becoming an apprentice. Well, I'm just going to call her Head Mistress from now on. Hubba hubba. I got a nice laugh out of the apprentice clothes Kagari made for Takamiya too. Same big hat, big bow, and big cape that she wears. No warlocks in this world, maybe, and it calls back to how she called Takamiya "Princess" in the last episode.

I'm digging the light tone mixed with magical action in this show. Reminds me very much of the Magical Index and Railgun series, in a good way. I can't wait to see all the other magical witch transformations from the other girls too.

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