Wednesday, January 29, 2014

10 Second Anime - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 4

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 4

Shinka runs for Student Body President, but needs the Dark Flame Master's help in distracting Dekomori. But Dekomori finds out she is the real Mori Summer, and wants to elect her queen.

Even though the sophisticated young lady image didn't work out for Shinka, she hasn't stopped trying to reinvent herself. With student body elections coming up, she sees this as the perfect chance to gain a more important new image. Unfortunately, there's this little blonde twin-tailed girl running around attacking her, and she can't have that happen while she's campaigning. Shinka asks for Yuuta's help in keeping Dekomori away from her, but he's reluctant, since he doesn't really see why he should be the one to help her. Welp, there's always blackmail. Hey Yuuta, do you want other people to see all these things you wrote?

With the Dark Flame Master now eager to help, Shinka thinks she can make her speeches to the 1st year classes without Dekomori's interference. Using their chuunibyou to help him cure his cursed hand, the Dark Flame Master thinks he should be giving Rikka and Dekomori a long enough adventure. Well, at least Rikka is entertained, but Dekomori has to leave because she's a good girl who has to listen to all the candidates. Happy, happy fun time with Fake Mori Summer's knees!

While hanging out at a fast food joint later, they run into Shichimiya, who immediately recognizes Mori Summer, and Shinka recognizes Sophia. Heh. After showing the group an old picture of them, Dekomori sees the same hand jewelry that was featured on Mori Summer's web page, and realizes all this time, that Shinka was telling the truth about being Mori Summer. After that, it's smooth sailing gaining votes for the presidency. And with the best student in the school giving an endorsement speech, what more needs to be done? Oh, side note, Isshiki hasn't given up on changing his image either. He was also running for president. At least Chimaera the Cat liked his speeches.

But Dekomori's devotion to Mori Summer, her queen, becomes Shinka's undoing. Quoting her inspirational words, with her portrait in her beautiful veil and accoutrements, who couldn't be swayed to support the Great Mori Summer? Eh...

The real Mori Summer wouldn't act like that in her moment of triumph to save the world. Oh well. Shinka and Isshiki lose out, and Dekomori has a tearful reunion with her one and only Master, the Evil Lord Death Eye. Things are back to normal in their little group, but now the whole school knows what Shinka looks like as the Great Mori Summer. I have to say, that Magical Devil Girl sure knows how to attract fellow chuunibyou sufferers. Her magic is eternal!

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