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10 Second Anime - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 1

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 1

The Dark Flame Master still has his hands full dealing with Rikka and her "powers." The rest of the crew are back too, though with expected and unexpected changes. Ahoge jokes still abound.

It's the second season of Chuunibyou, and our cast of characters are entering the next year of school as well. First off, chuunibyou, translated as middle schooler syndrome, is the made-up condition where preteens believe they have the magical powers they see in anime and manga. Yuuta, our main character, is trying to forget those embarrassing days, but his girlfriend, Rikka, is still having fun. She even has a "minion" in Dekomori, who likes to tie her hair in twin-tails and use them as weapons. Dekomori developed her chuunibyou after reading the online journal of "Mori Summer," who happens to be the alter ego of former chuunibyou sufferer Shinka. Dekomori doesn't believe Shinka could possibly be the admirable Mori Summer though, and calls her Fake Mori Summer. Rounding out the cast are the normals, if you can call them that, Kumin the sleepy senior and Isshiki, Yuuta's friend.

Isshiki and Shinka want to make a major change for the new school year, and have radically changed their appearances. Isshiki now sports some dyed Dragonball hair, but he'll probably end up back to the crewcut he got when he shaved his head to prove his love for Kumin. Shinka is trying to go for the rich cultured girl look, but we'll see how long that lasts, especially since she still likes to use her rubberband sniping skills against her mortal foe Dekomori.

The drama for this episode is that Rikka has moved into Yuuta's apartment temporarily while looking for a new place, but her older sister Touka and the school haven't been notified. Then Touka, also known as The Priestess, finds out, and we have our first chuunibyou battle of the season. Hilariously, Touka, wielding her soup spoon, joins in with the nomenclature, calling one of her attacks the French cooking term for oven roasted. What I like about this show is it always shows what the real "battle" looks like, and it's just Touka slightly tapping Rikka on the head. Things get resolved when they all find out that Yuuta's younger sister is moving back into the apartment, so they have a chaperone while their parents and Touka work overseas.

The drama for the rest of the season is hinted at in the opening credits by the appearance of a new girl, presumably Yuuta's love interest during his Dark Flame Master days. In the show, someone has moved into Rikka's old apartment right above Yuuta's. I wonder who it is...

Oh, and dramatic pause for extra long exposition:

An ahoge (アホ毛) is the hair antenna used for comic effect in anime and manga. Aho (アホ) means fool.

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