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10 Second Anime - Yowamushi Pedal - Episode 13

Yowamushi Pedal - Episode 13

The 2nd day of training camp, and the new riders are sore and tired. Tadokoro reminds everyone to eat up. And we meet some of the riders from the other high schools, with, ah, unique personalities.

The day after riding 100 miles for the first time ever, you're going to be sore. And you should also be hungry. In only the second reference to Tadokoro being a bear, the ace sprinter puts on an eating clinic. It helps that his family runs a bakery.

Imaizumi and Naruko are still going about the same pace with their respective handicaps, but they still have their pride, and are still not working together. After dropping his water bottle, Imaizumi won't accept Naruko's little offer of help. I interpret this as fostering teamwork by supporting your teammate's goals, even if that means not helping in a pace line or picking up a dropped bottle.

Meanwhile, Onoda is now able to keep up with his friends when they do laps at dusk, but all that riding is extremely tiring. Both Naruko and Onoda fall asleep in the hot tub when they quit for the day.

Using the device of a newspaper interview, the anime introduces us to Imaizumi's rival, the guy that beat him in his last race in middle school: Midousuji. He's portrayed as a freak with a dictator complex, but since his high school team wants to win too, they suffer his strange team building practices.

The other team we see is the local one, Hakone Academy, with climbing-no-ikemen Sangaku on it. The other climber on Hakone is Makishima's rival, Toudou. They seem to have a friendly teasing kind of a rivalry, with Toudou calling Makishima pretty much every day. Since he's given Makishima a girly nickname, other people think he's chatting with one of his many girlfriends. Looks like Sohoku high school isn't the only team with strong and unique personalities. After missing the team picture for the news article, because he was climbing, Sangaku is told to check out the team using the training facility nearby. He's excited, naturally, because he has to climb up there. Next week, I'm sure he'll run into ne kimi Onoda again.

Since this is the first show of the new season, there was a lot of exposition, as we relax back into the story, visit with our main characters, and start seeing the other schools we'll see at the big race.

But this also means more cycling porn:

We've got Makishima lubing his chain, Onodo's Shimano crank facing off against Sugimoto's Campagnolo crank, an actual unadulterated product placement in Calorie Mate Jelly, clipping out of a Look-style pedal (looks like the Shimano brand to me, but surely Naruko wouldn't put that on a Campagnolo crank!), and the Answer to the Raleigh frame. I kek'ed when I saw that.

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