Saturday, December 14, 2013

10 Second Anime - Outbreak Company - Episode 11

Outbreak Company - Episode 11

Outbreak - sudden occurrence, usually of an illness or something dangerous. Shinichi learns the goal of his missionary operation, and devises a way to stop it. Matoba gets serious.

When a character goes through an entire season without opening his eyes, and then he opens his eyes, something big is about to happen. Watch out for Matoba's response to the Last Otaku's counterstrike.

So, 11 episodes in, and we finally get an explanation of the title. Minori explains to Shinichi that using otaku culture as an infectious disease to control an alien people was the goal of their entire operation. Their economies were too different, and they needed to gather information on their military power, which was magic-based anyway, so it's too dangerous to compete that way. But using otaku culture to influence a mainly illiterate population over the common language, and make everyone dependent on Japan to some degree was something Matoba's "higher-ups" wanted to try. And using a disposable shut-in who could be disappeared easily also mitigated the risk.

What they didn't count on was Shinichi's missionary zeal, and his own diplomatic skills. He has accrued personal power not dependent on the Japanese government. The Last Otaku is someone not to be trifled with either. How this all gets resolved in the last episode, in keeping with the tone of this series, will be funny, clever, with just a hint of danger. How will Matoba respond to Shinichi's gambit that the Eldant Empire create their own otaku media? It's going to be good, because he opened his eyes.

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