Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 Second Anime - Freezing Vibration - Episode 11

Freezing Vibration - Episode 11

NSFW for animated boobies

Amelia goes full Nova. Dr. Aoi arrests Spencer. And Chiffon gets doubly serious.

Remember what I said about characters who always have their eyes closed? Chiffon Fairchild has always had her eyes closed, until she sees this artificial Nova who absorbed all the Maria clones from Dr. O'Hara's lab. Plus, this episode built up the tension in those eyes, by teasing their golden color under her eyelashes when she thought she had to take out a rampaging Satellizer who was being driven crazy by the resonance with the Maria clones inside the Amelia Nova. Way to tease it out until the last scene.

Chiffon had not been taking the fight with Rana and Satellizer all that seriously either, because she was only manifesting one claw blade. She drew out the other when Satellizer went berserk, and almost opened her eyes. Thankfully, having Kazuya and Rana all being connected through Kazuya's sister's stigmata allowed them to calm her down and regain her sense of self.

As to the rest of action, the el Bridget family did contact Dr. Aoi, who arrives just as Spencer's operation is about to turn into a global catastrophe as the Amelia Nova starts moving toward the photon generator. Again, we don't have an explanation of what this cutting edge power source was doing there at a location supposedly doing genetic and nanotech engineering. Maybe to cover the heating for the indoor pool? It was Alaska, you know...

Having the first Pandora's clones in the artificial Nova causes an interesting side effect for the rest of the Pandoras. The higher the stigmata compatibility, the worse the delirium. The more experienced Pandoras seemed to know how to counteract the effects. With most of the Pandoras being taken out by Maria clones pouring out of the Amelia Nova, Chiffon knows what she must do. She activates her stigmata, calling it "anti-nova," and opens her eyes.

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