Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 342

Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 342

Kakashi figures out how Masked Madara's Transportation Jutsu works, and it offers a clue of who he really is. Kurama the 9-tail fox finally admits he's Naruto's friend, and it gives him Sage Mode Beast Cloak.

Um, Guy with nunchakus? Talk about your overpowered beautiful blue-green beast. Well, compared to all the other overpowered beasts involved in this fight, that counts as a power-up.

With the masked Madara blocking Kakashi's kamui, his technique which sends things to an alternate dimension, he's beginning to suspect some impossible things about who this guy is. While the transportation technique is not unique to a Sharingan user, the dimension he sticks things in is, and the only one who can pull stuff out of that dimension is someone using the same eyes. Kakashi knows where he got his Sharingan from, his friend Obito, but where did the masked man get it? Even Guy knows what Kakashi is suspecting. We're coming to one of the greatest reveals in Naruto lore.

The other great thing about this episode is Kurama stops being tsun-tsun about Naruto (reluctant to be open about his close feelings), and with the admission, we see what a true partnership looks like with the 9-tail's chakra. Combined with Naruto's Sage power, we're seeing something very close to what the Sage of the Six Paths looked like. Naruto Shippuuden getting interesting again now that we're concentrating on Naruto? He's only the title character.

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