Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Second Anime - Kill la Kill - Episode 11

Kill la Kill - Episode 11

Ryuko dispenses with Jakuzure, but before she can get to Sanageyama, an interloper interferes with her match, and the larger world of Kill la Kill introduces itself.

After flying around, and throwing Jakuzure's missiles back at her, destroying her tank form, Jakuzure finally reveals the final transformation of her uniform. Ryuko and Senketsu learn a new shielding technique which takes in an enemy's attack, translates it to her own energy and returns it with more force. Boom, Jakuzure's defeated, and has to sit next to the other no-stars in a track suit. Mako wants to hear Gamagoori scolding her, but he refuses, and says girls are different.

Sanageyama and Ryuko prepare for their match, and Kinigase has joined Aikuro. Two pieces of information there: 1) Ripped clothes need to be taken off, and 2) Aikuro needs to take that sad sack look off already. Aikuro says he's in disguise, and parading around in his nude glory would draw too much attention to himself. Uh huh. Ryuko and Sanageyama finally start their match, but before they can strike each other, a frilly young woman steps between them. Aikuro and Kinigase recognize her, as does Satsuki: it's her mother's personal tailor Harime. She wants to fight Ryuko because she's wearing a full life fiber suit, pushes Sanageyama out of the match with just her pinky, by pulling one life fiber and unraveling his suit.

Satsuki doesn't appear to like Harime very much, which seems to be a clue to this wider world of life fiber guerillas like Nudist Beach. Ryuko doesn't see a real reason to fight Harime, but Senketsu senses something very bad about her. Then Harime gives Ryuko a reason: she pulls out a blue scissor half and says it's the one she pulled out of her father. She admits to being the one who killed Ryuko's father. Ryuko loses it and we have to wait until next episode to see what happens.

Now whether Harime actually killed Ryuko's father, I'm not so sure. These things are never as clear-cut as they seem in these kinds of shows. At the very least, we can believe she's holding the same scissor half, and she knows a lot more about the elder Matoi's final moments than Ryuko does. I'm beginning to sense that perhaps Satsuki doesn't like how her mother's handling of the company is affecting this world, and her actions in creating her current school may be some operation in opposition to the Revocs conglomerate. We're approaching the end of the first half of the season, so this is when all we've seen so far gets turned on its head and is just one little part of some huge, complicated, epic tale with spiral galaxies and universes colliding... oh, that was the other show this animation crew did. Here, we'll have 3 blinking stars, like the scars on Satsuki's mother's back.

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