Monday, September 28, 2020

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan - Episode 12 [END] - Lisa Boin Distracts Spartokos

Even with all the harsh training Spartokos went through he couldn't defend against Lisa's strongest weapons.

Lisa knew exactly why Spartokos was going to lose against her – he was a virgin who was uncomfortable around women, especially jiggly women.

Mitchie, the muscle fanatic receptionist of Peter's guild, finally broke through and received Spartokos's attention. She received much more than that a bit later.


Making up for the lack of nudity in last week's episode, Peter Grill's season finale included some NSFW scenes, but still hardly any. At least they teased a future second season with naked hobgoblins.

Peter had hoped Spartokos would win over Lisa and leave back to Ogrestan by winning their duel, but he didn't count on Lisa taking advantage of her soft parts to make one of Spartokos's soft parts harder. In another blow to Peter's plan, instead of using Mitchie to snuff out his virginity and stop being distracted by lady parts, he gave up on Lisa and decided to get together with the glasses-wearing muscle nerd. It didn't hurt that she was hiding twin gazelles under her usual clothes. Yowza, Mitchie!

The epilogue shows Peter and Luvellia rushing to the scene of a goblin attack, followed closely by his harem. Enticing the audience to support a continuation of the strongest warrior with the weakest resistance against naked women, the producers showed us naked hobgoblins ready to "devour" their prey. Also, Peter has a little sister, probably a brocon, coming after him. If they keep giving us jiggly girls with dark skin like Piglette, I'll watch a second season. Hell, I'd watch anyway if they keep making the girls look good naked.

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