Sunday, October 13, 2019

Val x Love - Episode 2 - Itsuyo Slaps Takuma

Itsuyo is giving Takuma mixed messages. She invited him to the gym storage room for "leveling up," but then she slapped him when he got too close.

The Saotome sisters are already celebrities at school, which isn't hard to believe since one of them became the student council president as soon as she transferred in, one is an actual idol in the entertainment industry, and Natsuki has her fans.

This anime has a dating sim quest convention that is almost exactly like Rimuru's Great Sage ability from Slime. Here, it tells us whether the Valkyrie has gained any EXP from doing relationship like things. Takuma's aversion to intimacy doesn't help the situation, but each of the girls have their own hangups.

Itsuyo got frustrated that her nice lunch with Takuma ended with her getting octopus wiener bits in her eyes. Talking with her sister Natsuki as they change for gym class tells you pretty much what this harem action adventure is all about.

A demon attacked the school, but Natsuki's Valkyrie weapon was a poor match for defeating an evil cloud. They would need Itsuyo's Chain ability to capture it, but first, she needed to restart her Valkyrie powers by getting a big level boost from Takuma. Making out in the gym storage room is worth big points, but Itsuyo needed to feel affection for Takuma first. A headpat and then a kiss on the cheek somehow cleared that dating quest.

Meanwhile, Natsuki had to keep the evil cloud busy. Who knew it could make evil cloud tentacles? Tentacle grape! Itsuyo arrived just in time to preserve Natsuki's modesty to wrap the cloud up so Natsuki could one-shot it with her sword.

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