Saturday, April 20, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Amazing Stranger - Episode 3 - Mikoto Glasses Glint

Haruto's little sister Mikoto is on Nona's side for making a strange relationship work, but she really wants to figure out how a figurine started moving around and talking.

Nona was not happy that she cooked a meal for Christmas Eve with her "husband" Haruto, but he already had a date with someone else.

Nona had made a rule that Haruto can't watch anime with other anime girls in it, but she saw him watching something late at night. It turned out that he was rewatching her anime!

Nona snuck into Haruto's bag to spy on this Christmas Eve date. Haruto actually just met with his otaku friend Seijirou to complain about anime. Nona was happy, but she was also frustrated about her jealous feelings. Meanwhile, Seijirou has his own 1/6 Scale girl, with others joining the party soon.

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