Wednesday, April 03, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 25

The opposing forces of World War III unite to stop Fiamma's plan to change the world. Fiamma claims victory through unintended circumstances.

#25 - "Wings"


It's pretty amazing how quickly they closed down two arcs that have been with us since the first time they took a break from Touma. Hamazura's outrageous fortune brought ITEM back together with a much more amenable Mugino and a cured Rikou. Accelerator sang a song of math and magic and cured Last Order. So, all that's left is for Biri Biri to hook up with HER MAN and make sure he does a Falcon Punch on the villain. Oh? No Biri Biri this episode? Mikoto better shine big in the finale as she blushes super hard for HER MAN.


And we're back to Hamazura digging in the snow for Rikou.

Mugino is "teasing" him with deadly lasers...

Yes, Hamazura definitely needs a gentle pussycat and not a prickly Mugino.

Oh. Rikou is right there. No time for an affectionate reunion because Academy City is dropping three bad guys on top of them.

Those weird looking suit guys are coming to retrieve Mugino.

Amazing. These anti-skill soldiers actually respect and take Hamazura seriously. They better, since there's no way to measure his Level 6 Outrageous Fortune.

Har. He fooled them with a broken bottle of club soda.

Youch! Mugino just shot that guy's arm off, with Rikou aiming for her.

I guess we'll just glide over Hamazura killing three dudes in cold blood. Yay for ITEM reunion!

And the crazed Mugino stalking outrageous fortune arc is over.

Accelerator is going to sing now, using math and vectors!

Ah. The episode title is for this scene.

Ha. He calls Third Season "Misaka Worst." It took a while for that reference to be said out loud from her episode title introduction.

Misaka can't sing...

Accelerator keeps forgetting that he doesn't have to play the villain any more. Yet he still likes pointing a gun at Misaka Worst's head. It's a sign of affection now, right?

He needs to add angel wing power or something to the singing cure.

Accelerator sings! Doesn't suck! Opens up all his old wounds!

I wish we saw some overt confirmation that Last Order was cured, but their arc is over now too. Get ready for A Certain Scientific Accelerator coming later this year.

Fiamma got right arms popping up all over the world. That ain't right.

Right. We're obviously not done with all the talky parts. Touma literally grew an arm last episode, but we still got to talk about how Fiamma is wrong about stuff. Basically, Fiamma miscalculated how much people can hate since people are fundamentally good. He's a Catholic, and a devout one, so he should have remembered that from his theology.

So, now people are fighting these big arms instead of each other.

Oh ho. I see another society of lolis ready to join Touma's harem whenever we get to the next season of Index five or six years from now. Sorcery Society of Dawn-colored Sunlight.

Yas! This red Russian Orthodox nun is pure shotacon. She needs so badly to pat a shota head.

And all the main Churches of the world came together to help dismantle Fiamma's floating Star of B'Tselem. Of course, they don't say how...

Fiamma says no worries. It just means the apocalypse is going to happen sooner. Um, Touma's right arm, the thing inside him, and a certain scientific biri biri tsundere will say different in the final episode next week.

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