Friday, March 08, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka - Episode 9 - Tabira Walks Through Gate

The whole focus of the Okinawa trip is on this spectacle walking through this dimensional gate. General Tabira looks good leaving and arriving.

Through Asuka's eyes we get to see a bit of what it was like for these magical girls to work with each other and the Spirit World leader who created them. General Tabira appears to have left a bad impression on the girls, but it's clear that they all still have a close attachment to Asuka.

Nozomi and Sayako are still enjoying the beach episode. So can we! And so can Giess and Chisato. That is, before they start wreaking havoc on the paradise island of Okinawa and its military bases.

Kurumi isn't the only one who loves her former Magical Girl leader Asuka. Tamara can't stand just how precious Asuka is for how much she cares about her former comrades. It seems like Kurumi had reasons to be possessive about Asuka.

General Tabira of the Spirit World, who created the Magical Girls, is a screaming hoot! She's sexy, motherly, and totally wants to sex up her adoptive daughters. The girls were reluctant to see her again because of how oppressively affectionate she is, and how she keeps trying to get them to wear skimpier outfits.

Tabira got serious for the trade negotiations after catching up with her precious girls, but things got even more serious when Babel Brigade attacked the base and trapped Tabira on Earth. The Legendary Five are going to show these upstart illegal magical girls, magic users, and enemy Disas remnants why they were the ones to survive the Great War.

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