Friday, March 01, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka - Episode 8 - Kurumi Too Excited

Kurumi got a bit too excited thinking about sleeping in the same room as Asuka on their school trip to Okinawa.

In flashbacks to her difficult school life, Kurumi remembers why she can do the messy stuff for Asuka, like interrogating prisoners. This torture scene with War Nurse is the exact opposite of the Barber Scissors girls with Nozomi, because Kurumi reattached this girl's arm instead of cutting it off. Also, Magical Spanking is a thing.

What a coincidence that the stable gate to the Spirit world is in Okinawa where Asuka's class is having a school trip, as in, not a coincidence at all. Kurumi is all heated up over being next to Asuka. Meanwhile, this major figure of the Spirit World coming for a meeting has a real major figure!

As Asuka had nightmares about how Francine and two others died, two of the remaining five, Mia and Tamara, gathered for this cross world meeting to provide security.

The side plot covered the agents of Babel Brigade who will be trying to disrupt this important meeting. I would like to know how this group finds troubled youth like Giess, a Somalian child soldier with a cyborg body, and Chisato, a troubled girl missing one leg to recruit into their ranks.

This school trip to Okinawa has some practical lessons besides just sticking girls into cute swimwear. Lessons like learning to swim with clothes on during an emergency and first aid skills. I have a feeling these girls are going to end up using this knowledge real soon.

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