Thursday, March 07, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 9 - Fuutarou Scares Itsuki

Itsuki keeps proving how much of a scaredy cat she is. Just imagine how the test of courage is going to turn out.

Yotsuba is very excited about the school camping trip, but most of all about the bonfire and the legend about dancing couples finding lasting love. All that kind of talk is making Miku nervous.

Miku is the one Ichika trusts in impersonating her. She just needs to turn that frown upside down and the look is complete! Unfortunately, she had to lie about Fuutarou dancing with her (Ichika) to get out of a love confession. It's interesting to see Miku get to do the things she hasn't even admitted to herself she wants to do yet, but as Ichika instead of herself.

Fuutarou thought he missed the bus for the school trip because he had to look after Raiha who had fallen ill, but the Nakano sisters came to the rescue by snagging him with their limo. Nino had fun with their car ride guessing game by getting to flip him off.

Miku and Ichika are having conflicting feelings because Ichika will have to do the bonfire dance with Fuutarou just to keep the charade going for the story Miku made up while impersonating her. Miku has strong feelings for Fuutarou, but Ichika just might not be that far behind her.

Of course we needed naked girl talk in the hot spring. A snowstorm had forced the girls and Fuutarou into staying at a local onsen overnight, and a mixed open air bath was just the right amount of danger to make them all talk about Fuutarou and where he's going to sleep.

Fuutarou solved all their problems by falling asleep in a corner, so there wasn't much drama in falling asleep next to him. The drama happened in the morning when Ichika found herself flustered waking up next to him. I liked the hair down look for the girls because the only real way to tell them apart was the angle of their eyebrows.

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