Friday, March 15, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Date A Live S3 - Episode 10 - Kurumi Spins

The one girl that Shido should have wanted to see the most in an unfamiliar future made her appearance late in the day. Kurumi knew when she would have the most impact.

I think they put Origami's Inverse Spirit Devil in the opening credits last week, but we actually get to see her in the long hair form this week.

Things are definitely a little different without Origami's gloomy backstory, but many things stayed the same. All the Spirits still showed up, Origami still joined AST to fight them, but her personality was mightily changed without seeing her parents die in front of her.

Kurumi, who knows stuff from different timelines, showed up to tease Shido and assuage her own curiosity about why Origami still became a Spirit, known as Devil the Spirit Hunter, who only shows up when other Spirits unleash their full power. Even stranger, Origami is not even aware that she changes, and the Spirit appears to be only partially conscious and acting only out of instinct or as a reflex.

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