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10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 24

Mugino hunts down Hamazura again. Fiamma completes his plan by isolating Touma, but Touma has surprises for him.

#24 - Index of Prohibited Books


Wait. Wait. No, I'm talking about Mugino. I have some "wait, wait?" moments for that other scene. So Mugino came after Hamazura again, and his outrageous fortune saved him again, but what saved him was that Mugino had feelings for him? Uh... huh? Okay, okay, maybe they weren't romantic feelings, but she felt jealousy and abandonment because Hamazura chose to keep saving Rikou... saving her from Mugino trying to kill her. Eh, nobody ever said emotions were rational, but I can accept that part of why Mugino was so intent on hunting Hamazura down was this kernel of rage that he chose the mousy girl over the beautiful, talented boss of ITEM. She killed Frenda, did she really expect Hamazura to stay loyal to her? Anyway, Hamazura's outrageous fortune let him survive an irrational nuclear bomb from exploding all over him. Who's the real Kamijou in this story, I wonder.

Now. Wait, wait, what? Okay, I'm talking about that... thing coming out of Touma's severed arm. And Touma could talk to it! I know this whole world is a series of stories about Touma's right hand, but almost all of it flows from the crap he forgot as the price for saving Index and being given a power he barely knows how it works. Well, I guess it took WWIII to learn just a little bit more about it, right?

Beyond the next wow revelation of Touma's power, there were some good nuggets of the usual themes during the talky parts of Touma and Fiamma's fight. Tied in with why Fiamma started World War Three was how his power level matches the circumstances and power of his adversaries. This angelic power tracks very closely to how Imagine Breaker reflexively cancels out any kind of energy (if only Touma could accept that kinetic energy could be canceled out too just by feeling the air or vibrations in his hand, he wouldn't get beat up so much). Fiamma thought he needed the whole world as his adversary because he thought he needed the entire world's power to "save it." Of course, Touma turned that on its head because just saving one life is already saving the world. Touma always trusted in his own power because saving lives is saving the world. The world is not so fragile that a megalomaniac needs to "save it."

Fiamma turned out to be a pretty conventional villain full of pride and needing the world to be preserved or returned to some former state when things worked or made sense. He also had a method that resonates strongly within Japanese culture - using his power once to demonstrate to the world how it better bow down to its savior. As the only nation where nuclear bombs have been used it against it, Japan is a bit sensitive to that kind of reasoning.


Kazakiri appears then disappears to give Accelerator a hint about curing Last Order with a song. I hope Accelerator isn't going to have to sing a magical lullaby...

This Mugino scene, with redemption and forgiveness, is nice and all, but Hamazura really needs to finish looking for Rikou.

Wow. Mugino got some cyborg parts since the last time we saw her.

Hamazura! Run away!

Hamazura has Touma's hero disease - he just has to save beautiful women. At least he's dealing with more mature women instead of who loli-magnet Touma usually faces.

Ha. Hamazura is just trying to get his ITEM harem back together. He should consult with Rikou first.

Stiyl is still having problems with Index. Is Laura Stuart actually fighting Stiyl? What's going on here?

Lessar has regained her genki ways. Sasha seems allergic to hyper girls.

Proud conventional villain Fiamma thinks he knows how to "save the world."

Touma is learning how to fight with his arm better, but he needs some ranged offensive capability.

Ouch! Touma's arm got cut off! Game over?

Fiamma thinks he's kamijou (above God) now. Touma Kamijou begs to differ.

What is that? And how does Touma know he can talk to that thing coming out of his shoulder? He tells it to butt out! Touma's power was never just in his right arm!

Touma just canceled out his right arm getting cut off! Well.

This serious battle will continue to next episode, meanwhile, that's that, according to biri biri.

Misaka 10777 feels inadequate. Mumbling under her breath... Railgun next season when?

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