Wednesday, March 20, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 23

Kazakiri faces off against Misha with the help of Accelerator. Fiamma believes his plan is almost complete. Hamazura fights to save a village from a weapon of mass destruction.

#23 - "Fuse=KAZAKIRI"


They may as well have called this episode "Futile Gesture." Kazakiri, who's an angel when she isn't an Angel, arrives to fight another angel, with the help of Accelerator who has fought an angel before, and even with William Orwell as Acqua taking half of his angel's power away, none of it mattered. The whole point of Accelerator fighting was to keep the parchment with magic conversion spells in it away from Fiamma, but Misha's observational powers made it so that he should not have bothered. Well, she was going to come to him no matter what, but reading the parchment through his jacket was something unexpected.

Also, Touma started smacking the right building with his right hand, temporarily disabling Fiamma's remote control, but when he got the parchment details from Misha, that was all moot.

It looks like what matters is the Pope cutting off Index's connection to the actual Library of Prohibited Texts and Mikoto showing up to help HER MAN. We still have three more episodes for all this to happen.


Stiyl has his hands full with a serious Index.

And too bad we won't get an explanation within the anime of that gobbledygook episode title. Kazakiri is important, I think? It doesn't seem like it if she needs help from Accelerator and she barely shows us her fluttering skirt or her bouncy bazongas.

Ha. "What's that," asks Sasha. "She's a friend," says Touma. Of course! Anyone Touma has smacked with his right hand and lived afterwards becomes his friend. It's like the only rule of this Index world.

Kazakiri knows Angel stuff. Gabriel of Water Power is getting an infusion of Fire Power.

Oops. Misha's getting new orders to get Accelerator's parchment.

Third Season totally talks like a crazy girl. See Midari from Kakegurui.

Accelerator gets to fly like an angel too, thanks to playing with Aiwass.

Hamazura headpats a random loli - he's now marked as a permanent good guy.

I love how Accelerator tests his powers against magic. He's a Science Guy all the way through.

Rain of fire. Ouch.

Acqua joins the fray as the Right Seat of God's leader and owner of Gabriel's Water Power.

Fiamma says he can try to take it, but Acqua's body can't contain it all.

Fiamma's remote control isn't working any more. I guess that monorail delivered Touma to the right place.

Haaaa! Misha screaming like that is not a good sign.

Accelerator knows vectors, but he still needs an Origin point to do his calculations. Kazakiri can help here.

William Orwell says Fiamma underestimates the power of Faithful. I think he's right about that.

Hamazura's outrageous fortune will keep Orwell alive.

Ah. Gabriel was able to read enough of the parchment for Fiamma to regain remote control. That was a moot battle.

Fiamma says he needs to change the four elements in a certain way to accommodate his right hand using the power Above God. So he put those seals all around the world to change them at the same time! Couldn't he have just cut off Touma's arm and grafted it? He's already got some weird right hand sticking out of him, so what's one more?

Oh. So that bomber is the one with Mugino in it. Hamazura needs to get out of the way of all this nuclear and bacterial weapons stuff.

And Mikoto needs to steal some wheels to get back into the story and reach HER MAN.

Next time, Fiamma talks a lot with Touma.

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