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10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 21

More of Fiamma's plan is revealed as other players from the magical and scientific worlds focus their attention on Russia.

#21 - "The Star of B'Tselem"


I don't appreciate having the name of the episode reference some big floating thing in the sky when it was never explicitly spoken or presented in some recognizable alphabet and I only just realized the meaning when I looked at that word and saw the cross shaped bunch of rock as a star instead. b'tselem (בצלם) is Hebrew for "in the image of," so the episode title actually means "in the image of a star." Good job, adaptation committee, good job.


I am really digging this relationship between Accelerator and Third Season. Accelerator says he's giving up the whole villain persona because it wasn't the best way to protect Last Order. He's so practical. Something doesn't work, drop it. Meanwhile, the people behind the programming of the Misaka clone Third Season gave her that villainous personality since it was supposed to be the next best idea in trying to kill Number One. The experiment was a bust, obviously, but now we have an evil Misaka Sister with a formerly evil Accelerator in search of a new personal philosophy. Heartfelt apologies given quickly is going to take some getting used to coming out of Accelerator's face.

The other development I noticed, besides the Pope waking up and realizing what hell has happened while he's been injured, is how everyone Touma has ever saved is coming to Russia. Kazakiri the first scientific angel talking with Aiwass the latest incidental angel raised my eyebrows. Of course, Mikoto is coming to support her man, whether he remembers her or not. Still, I got a kick out of the Pope's small scene the most. God still has some trials to give him, he mused. Sounds a lot like Touma sighing, "misfortune!" These two would definitely get along.


Kazakiri the Angel talking with Aiwass the "Angel" about Misha Kreuzhev. Related to Sasha?

Lessar is hungry for WcDonald's but thirsty for Touma.

Hamazura has never seen magic before, so he doesn't understand how Acqua did all he did.

These Elizalina Alliance dudes kind of know what Accelerator has in pocket - a magical conversion of units between Catholic and Russian Orthodox spells. Elizalina would be the expert on it, they claim.

I keep forgetting how only Touma is used to seeing both Science and Magic pretty much every day. Did Accelerator never figure out how Etzali's powers worked? He used an Aztec Index.

And Hamazura runs into Accelerator, of course. It doesn't matter now, since Accelerator isn't working for GROUP at the moment.

Elizalina says she can cure Rikou, but not Last Order. Something is continuously poisoning her. Didn't Touma already break that thing, though?

Accelerator's conversation with Third Season sounds like it's setting up the premise for his spin-off anime. Misaka Worst has to follow him around to figure out how to kill him. Of course!

Accelerator's found documents seems to point to Fiamma have to use a lot of Russian Orthodox priests or mages to work on his Catholic-based project. Sounds pretty big.

Stiyl doesn't like how the Anglicans are going to start using Index for themselves. Sounds like a bad idea when Fiamma has the other remote control for her.

Nice obvious imagery of Index on a cross.

And that's a big thing Fiamma did. This floating island looks like a cross? Oh, check my meh. It's a star.

And Mikoto hijacked a stealth bomber. I guess she couldn't fly it on her own. Isn't Mugino supposed to be in the back of that thing? I hope she didn't get cut in half. Well, I'm sure of it. Hamazura's outrageous fortune works by giving him the worst luck first before rescuing him from it.

Meanwhile, Mikoto is concerned about the pilot but is not worried at all about falling thousands of feet. Well, she's concerned because she needs to get back up to that floating island to reach Touma.

And yes! Mikoto gets a little sister. MIKASA 10777 on her private time carrying a scary rifle. Big sister Mikasa is also on "private time" neh? They are both rocking cute hats.

Next time, it looks like we'll be dealing with Sasha and her angel powers, along with the restart of that Hundred Years War (give or take a few weeks) between Versailles and Carissa. I just want to see some mad blushing from Mikoto trying to kick Touma. Misfortune!

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