Saturday, February 02, 2019

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 17

Accelerator meets DRAGON. Hamazura escapes with Rikou. Small plots add up to a larger conflagration.

#17 - "DRAGON"


All this time, I thought that Hamazura's story was tacked onto the Accelerator story as a sidepiece, just as a way to reconnect what's going on now to the earlier dark underbelly alphabet soup story from earlier. But it was actually Etzali's story that was the distraction! 

Hamazura is a big deal to Academy City because, as a level 0, he can't be tracked by the usual ESP scientific monitors. He needs lots of expensive regular surveillance, and it's all because he's defeated a level 5 (Mugino/Meltdowner) and he keeps showing up in the wrong places to ruin Aleister Crowley's big plan for all these ESP people running around. It's good to know that a regular person in this Toaru universe can still be important because of how random chance works. Perhaps chance isn't as random for normal people as all these magicians and scientists think.


Okay, so I don't care at all what's going on between Etzali and this Tecpatl bro.

This ESP mimic is wasting his time.

Oh? You think Accelerator won't think of a way to offset the jamming of the MISAKA network so he can keep using his powers? His new cane came in pretty handy...

Eh, so Etzali wins the grimoire fight because the original grimoire wants people to evangelize. Okay. Tecpatl bro made a gutless mistake, er, his mistake made him gutless!

So, Kinuhata wins against Stephanie because she's a brawler and Stephanie's too much of a sniper.

Something odd here - Stephanie says she didn't send the drone helicopter after Kinuhata. Someone else is targeting Hamazura!

Oh. It's that pink dress charmer who worked for No. 2. She thinks she's explaining things to Kinuhata about how Hamazura's unpredictability needs to be eliminated with prejudice, but we know she's saying all this stuff for the audience.

Right. Aleister allows Touma and Accelerator to run around because they don't really mess up his overall plan. I dunno. No. 2 guy got pretty messed up, and Touma keeps getting the magical world to infiltrate Academy City. The real problem is how level 0 like Hamazura can take out a level 5 like Mugino.

Yeesh. Hamazura is praying for a hero to come save him and Rikou, but he gets a psychopathic monstrosity in Mugino. Aleister put her back together, so to speak, and doesn't seem to mind sending a vengeful catastrophe after Hamazura as long as that guy ends up dead.

So, Shioshiki wasn't dead? Just bleeding to death from the knife in his gut. Oh. he's dead now after he says DRAGON is behind the members of GROUP.

This angel thing is named Aiwass. Looks like he took on the form of Aleister.

Last Order is the key to Aleister's plan, whatever it is, but if it fails, the little girl is going to die.

Well, that's a temporary defeat by fuzzing the mass of AIM diffusion fields. He came back later to tell secrets to the audience, uh, Accelerator.

Mugino can't catch a break. Hamazura beat her again! Not only that, her pissed off firing lasers randomly cleared the runway for his and Rikou's escape in that stealth bomber. Hamazura has got amazing luck! That's his level 5 super power.

Everybody's going to meet up in Russia. Accelerator gets to hug a loli to stay warm and Touma's getting his right hand ready for some slapping. And Hamazura got the girl! Amazing luck, I tell you.

Next time, World War III. Like, for reals.

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