Saturday, January 05, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Ikkitousen Western Wolves - Episode 1 - Genjou Koukin Nosebleed

Genjou and Koukin are all of us watching Kan-u and Ryomou playing strip rock-paper-scissors.

Things start out like they usually do for this world of reincarnated Three Kingdom fighters, with a girl being so scared that she's wetting herself in the middle of a fight. The basic story for this set of three OVA's is that the mysterious Himiko is stealing the magatama (earrings) of the top level fighters, specifically, the ones associated with dragons like the leaders of the three schools, Sousou, Hakufu, and Gentoku.

This Himiko has already taken the earrings belonging to Sousou and Hakufu. Gentoku still has hers, so a bunch of the allied schools decide to go on a trip to Kyoto to stop this plot. Hakufu still wants to go with the other kids, even though she can't defend herself anymore, but Ryomou finds a way to leave her behind as a way of protecting her and saving her pride.

Gentoku sees an opportunity to treat this operation as a school trip, something all the kids understand that they've never had a chance to go on because of their unique circumstances. See below for all the school trip hijinks the kids get up to at a hot springs hotel.

After a midnight attack that brings some kind of bloody violence, but not the levels we usually see from this show (only bloody results, not attacks), the kids get separated and find out there is a lot more going on and a lot more people involved than just Himiko being strong enough to defeat those with dragon spirits.


This being Ikkitousen, you know what we're here for - all the NSFW nakedness! The main thing I noticed about this OVA series is that the focus is on the fun stuff an OVA would normally have, like sitting around naked and stripping contests. I also noticed at how "pure" the boys have become over the years, considering how the first anime series had all sorts of implied sex and naked fighting. These dudes have seen and done more in the past iterations than what is causing these "pure, pure boys" to nosebleed.

Hakufu has trauma from getting her magatama taken. She can still control water like her water dragon, but her powers have become very weak.

Staying at an onsen has all the fanservice that would imply. Of course the flat is justice Shikou would notice she's the only one on the side of her justice and takes greatest offense at Chuukou being the biggest.

The night time activities have the girls getting wasted on whisky bonbons, leading to Kan-u and Ryomou competing in strip rock-paper-scissors. Since they're only wearing panties and a robe, the loser has to strip fully by the third round. Except Ryomou remembers she has an eye patch, which she's not supposed to take off because it contains the uncontrollable power of her dragon.

Things get interesting when the kids get attacked by people using fox spirits and wearing tengu masks. Ekitoku gets captured by these tengu people, and they turn out to be an old man who likes bathing with nubile twins. What is going on here with this whole stolen magatama plot?

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