Thursday, January 24, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 3 - Nino vs Miku

Nino maneuvered Miku into a cooking duel so that if Nino won Fuutarou would have to leave their house. Miku was fired up!

It's clear that Nino is the manipulative one of the sisters, and she got all of them to leave and abandon the tutoring session before it started. Except she lost against Miku, which frustrated her to no end. Basically, Miku won because Fuutarou doesn't know what good food tastes like.

Fuutarou came back to the mansion because he forgot something and happened upon Nino who had just gotten out of the shower. Miku was still in the bath, otherwise a whole series of events leading up to an unfortunate one could have been avoided.

So, Nino uses contact lenses, mistook Fuutarou for Miku, climbed all over him when she tried to find them, smacked her hand while throwing a tantrum, and Fuutarou ended up on top of her when she knocked over some German medical and grammar books. Meanwhile, Miku was preoccupied over the accusation that she likes "dull guys," meaning Fuutarou.

Itsuki came in during "the act," took a picture, and the sisters all held a trial (except for Yotsuba who was still playing basketball) trying to convict Fuutarou of lewd behavior. Eventually the truth came out, and Nino went out to sulk. The main emotion fueling her need to rid Fuutarou from their mansion is that she's trying to repair the bonds between the sisters and the new house is their sacred space. She still needs tutoring, though...

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