Thursday, January 10, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Go-toubun no Hanayome - Episode 1 - Itsuki Pouts

Itsuki and Fuutarou did not have the friendliest of first impressions and meetings. Their personalities clashing was more like oil and vinegar instead of oil and water.

Literally, the title of the show means "A Bride in Five Equal Parts," while the English title is "The Quintessential Quintuplets," which doesn't capture the spirit of this ecchi harem show where potato MC-kun finds his future wife among quintuplets with very different personalities.

Transfer student Itsuki Nakano is the first of the sisters Fuutarou meets, before he knows that he's been contracted to be the tutor of a rich girl who just moved in next door. The first clue that something weird was going on was his little sister claiming the family wanted to pay this tutor five times the going rate.

The next day, Fuutarou meets Itsuki's "friends," who all seem very curious and protective about this guy Itsuki just met. Fuutarou knows he was pretty rude to his prospective client, but these other girls make it hard for him to approach Itsuki to apologize.

Itsuki was shocked to learn her tutor was this rude guy she already met. Even worse, Fuutarou learned his job was actually tutoring all five sisters who are quintuplets. They are all named with numbers, presumably by the order of the birth, with Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki being the fifth. Coming from a multiple birth family myself as one of triplets, I can tell you how protective the other sisters would be of the "baby" sister Itsuki, even though she may only be a few minutes younger than the oldest.

Fuutarou quickly saw how hard tutoring the sisters would be, with their different quirks and reluctance to study. Yotsuba was the friendliest, but she may also be the biggest airhead. Itsuki is well-placed to be Best Girl of the series, since she met Itsuki's family and knows more about his past than the others. Still, Fuutarou will have a tough time thinking he only has to get one or two of the sisters to graduate, since the truth is that all five had to transfer out of the rich girl academy because they all nearly flunked out.

The flash forward at the beginning and end of the first episode make it clear that Fuutarou is going to marry one of these sisters. However, since they all look alike and a bride usually wears her hair differently than in high school, showing the bride's face is no reveal at all concerning which one he ends up with. Each girl has a different voice actress instead of one doing different personalities, so we didn't even get to hear the voice of this 5-part bride. Watch to the end of the season to find out!

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