Friday, January 25, 2019

Omake Gif Anime - Date A Live S3 - Episode 3 - Miku Cosplay Poses

Super popular idol Miku found a good way to go on her date with Shido - cosplay day at the amusement park!

So Miku got to be her beautiful exhibitionist self while wearing a mask on her date, while Origami got to be her way too forward self with Shido in a movie theater. Origami, kyaa~ so bold!

In the end, Shido figured out that Natsumi impersonated Yoshinon who was technically in the picture with Yoshino. In her frustration, she popped into the room and lost her magical armor transformation. Her true form is loli Natsumi! Her battle dress makes her into sexy oneesan Natsumi. For revenge, she made all of Shido's harem into lolis. What are they going to do since Natsumi ran off and disappeared?

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