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10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 10

Touma and Index have to go to Britain but their plane gets caught up in a terrorist plot related to tensions between France and England.

#10 - "Sky Bus 365"


It seems the pattern for the script acts in this show is to have an interlude kind of story in between the ones dealing with the Right Seat of God. Unfortunately, the slice of life elements are getting shorter and we had to spend a lot of time on a run of the mill terrorist plot in the sky.

Of course, this show is very efficient in its exposition, so the action served to set up the background drama for this act's plot. We heard it in the news reports, the conversations between the magic users, and the terrorists themselves. This is way better than having people sit around a table and talk about whatever is happening and how the bad guys are going to exploit it.

This whole plane incident was to set up those sporty looking magic users driving in a van at the end of the episode. We've seen crime syndicates form up behind strong ESP users in Academy City, so maybe it's time to see some anarchists or whatever made up of mages.  Everyone we've seen so far has been part of various religious factions, so I'm curious to see if there's another set of beliefs fueling magic outside of worship. We'll see what these spice witches are all about next episode.


Ho. Itsuwa is working hard for her man! But she won't wear that Great Fairy Revealing Maid outfit. She thinks she can't compete with the Priestess' boob tactic with the Fallen Angel Sexy Maid set, however she shouldn't discount her own boob tactics. Just sayin'.

Kaori is back in England going on "dates" for "research" purposes.

OH YASS! We got to see the front side of the Fallen Angel Sexy Maid outfit!

Something bad happened to the Chunnel, er, Eurotunnel between Britain and France.

Mikoto is also trying her best for her man!

Ha. The "usual" for her is kicking vending machines.

Spiky-kun really does have amnesia, otherwise he would have remembered that Mikoto wears boxer shorts under her skirts.

This "Zapper" translation for the official subtitles really chafes me. I prefer "Sparky" for the Japanese "biri-biri."

The clues are really pouring in. The TV in front of a sleeping Index says the Eurotunnel exploded.

Oh, let's everyone pay attention to how the sink deformed from thermal expansion when Touma poured hot water on it.

It's an Index Miracle! She offered Touma candy! On her own! Index is also trying her best.

So that's four of Touma's harem getting prime attention for the slice of life relaxation part of this episode.

And slice of life is over. Index and Touma have to go to the UK, whether they want to or not.

Beef or fish! Beef or fish! Index's terrible Japanese accent trying to say English words cracks me up.

I don't know. That jet Tsuchimikado had ready for them looked way cooler than a 747, but maybe Touma figured he'd be pushed out of that one too.

Stray exposition about liquid food being supplied to England from France. Noted.

And because Index and Touma got on this plane on standby, they've already messed up this dude's terrorist plot. It's always something happening to Touma.

That Archbishop for Necessarius really takes the "necessary evil" part to heart. To get Index on the ground, and the plane too before it blows up, I guess, she's going to make the pilots do an emergency landing.

Ah well. Now Stiyl has to play with fire or something to get that plane back on track.

Conventional Falcon Punch!

Touma doesn't think the terrorist plot is over yet. There must be an accomplice in the cargo hold. Time to use that hot water on metal foreshadowing.

Well, that's one way to cause a distraction. Make the guy think someone is in the ducts by pouring hot tea in them.

Kind of expensive to fly Stiyl out there just to cause the terrorist to plug up a decompression crack.

Oh, it's those Spice Witches from the opening credits. I guess we're going to see Necessarius do its actual job.

Ha! Is that supposed to be the Queen in the previews? She and her hot girls retinue are in the opening credits too. I think that's everyone now put into the show, so a new set of credit sequences will be coming soon for the next cour.

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