Friday, December 28, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 13

Touma joins forces with William Orwell and Princess Vilian to prevent Princess Carissa's coup from succeeding.

#13 - "Curtana Original"


The interesting part of this episode was William Orwell explaining why he's temporarily allied with Touma, from whom he was trying to take his right hand just a couple of weeks prior. At first, I thought there may be some kind of rivalry between the Right Seat of God members, since they're all trying to reach beyond the angelic level they've already achieved. However, it turns out that Orwell just has a difference in opinion of tactics and consequences because of his personal loyalty to Britain.

Fiamma of the Right has figured that he needs Touma's right hand and Index together to figure out how Imagine Breaker really works and how it is related to the Right Seat of God's power. Unfortunately for Britain and Orwell, those two are in Britain during a time of chaos, which was a consequence of Fiamma's actions in uniting two factions of the Church while trying to isolate the British one. Acqua wants to prevent as much harm as possible to civilians, which was also why he killed Terra for experimenting on innocent French people.

Acqua and Touma may be on opposite sides of the Right Seat of God's agenda, understandable for Touma to want to keep his hand, but their both on the same side of keeping innocent people out of the way of violence. This plot of Carissa's is just a complication to the overall plot orchestrated by Fiamma. A petty quarrel indeed, in the words of mercenary former knight William Orwell.


Touma really knows how to annoy girls. This Floris didn't like almost dying.

And that's the last we see of Floris until this story arc's denouement.

Princess Vilian is on a horse. A magical horse.

Yay! Amakusa and Itsuwa healed up "the Priestess" real quick.

This is a big throwdown between the Knight Leader and William Orwell. Knight Leader can't even believe Orwell takes that United Kingdom stuff so seriously.

Ha. Knight Leader's "Zero Out" skill actually makes those attacks turn into a cloud of zeros.

This is about over. Acqua just brought out his big lance.

Sure. Let's have Princess Carissa use magic to explain mathematical dimensional projections. I was told there would be no math when we're doing magic instead of science...

Oh good. Touma remembered to grab onto Orwell with his left arm.

Hee. "Here, catch." Index is a smol magical library.

Meanwhile, Mikoto found herself at a cow girl restaurant. She's eating beef, naturally.

I wonder what's going on between Fukiyose, Himegami, and Yoshikawa. Fukiyose is blushing like they're talking about Touma.

Even Kazakiri is here with her bazongas. Still wishing the anime adaptation would thrown in name placards, so these random fan service moments would be even more fun. It's been 5 years from the last anime, and even longer from when the light novels were published, since we last saw these people.

Way to go, Mikoto. How is Touma going to "read the atmosphere" of you ignoring him over the phone?

Look at Index! Being helpful again! We need to appreciate these rare moments.

Princesses' jobs are supposed to protect their pretty faces. Vilian is falling down on the job.

Tatemiya knows what's what. You need to have a big meal and some "service" before a big battle.

These nuns are hungry! Again, name cards would help. It's fun seeing Agnese, Sherry Cromwell, and the others again.

Itsuwa! Get your head in the game, girl!

So, Kaori did bring her Fallen Angel Sexy Maid outfit? To compete with Itsuwa's Great Fairy Revealing Maid? Now, to maneuver Touma into a hospital bed again.

Princess Carissa is having trouble keeping that sword from ripping England apart.

The queen and Princess Rimea appear to having a jolly good time putting down a rebellion.

Next time, it looks like Touma is going to end up in the hospital again. All according to Tatemiya's plan for the Great Fairy Revealing Maid outfit!

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