Saturday, December 15, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 11

Touma and Index find themselves in London helping the queen stop enemies foreign and domestic.

#11 - "British Labyrinth"


This is just the start of a new adventure, so there's going to be a lot of exposition and foreshadowing. What I'm looking forward to seeing is Index in her supposed element as the Index of the Prohibited Books working for Necessarius, but I'm sure she'll just be the normal lump getting sleepy from eating too much and gnawing on Touma's head.

Still with the "beef or fish!?" And she didn't get to eat!

Ha! Kaori is still embarrassed that she wore that fallen angel sexy maid costume. Touma is going to carry that memory with him for a long time. What an honor...

Ooh, foreshadowing. This Princess Vilian was attached to William Orwell, the Acqua guy.

Nice. That is really Buckingham Palace.

Ha. That was a long awkward pause before Kaori realized she was the one who needed to put on formal attire. Blushing Priestess is best Priestess!

Ho ho. Old ladies are the same everywhere. The Queen just wants to wear a comfy tracksuit, but the Knight Leader is such a stickler.

She's just like a Japanese geezer, except she called someone a "gormless prat."

Queen Elizard. She looks formidable.

Ooh, Princess Rimea has a monocle. She reminds me of the busty megane girl from Judgement.

Princess Carissa is totally the Index version of Fate's Mordred.

And all the girls want a picture with the Japanese kid. Carissa knows how to strike a pose.

When does the Index universe get touch screens instead of keeping these flip phones around?

Ha! Even the Queen wants in on the selfie action! Aw. Fun time is over, although it looks like Touma grew his harem just a little bit.

The big deal for this chapter is that Britain is being isolated by the Eurotunnel blast, emergency food has to be flown in, and worse, a domestic threat from Scotland is responsible for interfering with Touma's plane ride last episode.

The Knights will handle the external threat. The Puritans (Necessarius and affiliates) will handle the domestic threat. Touma, in exchange for eating and sleeping at a "5-star hotel" known as Buckingham Palace will "volunteer" to help the Puritans.

Ah. These soccer girls from last episode. Do soccer girls normally wear skirts? Still, they're using soccer-like terms to talk about their mission.

These New Light people recently dug up an archaeological artifact. Gee, I wonder why the Queen and Rimea were going on and on about the swords Curtana Original and Curtana II...

Oh yiss... Oriana Thomson driving Touma around in a Miata with the top down!

Oops. This fish and chips girl is in a pinch.

Oh? Amakusa and Itsuwa are in Britain too? Helping the Priestess?

These soccer-type girls are nordic of some type, talking about their Norse weapons. Saxons?

Oh. These girls are lacrosse players! That fits in with their Steel Gloves being put on poles and grabbing and throwing stuff around.

Welp. There it is. Carissa is good at war, so she needs to have the authority to bring one on, with Curtana Original. She's looking like the prime suspect for the domestic threat, but let's see if she's just playing her own opportunistic hand.

Nice viking ship she's got there. Very Saxon horde-like.

Next time, William Orwell not so dead coming to rescue Princess Vilian?

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