Sunday, December 16, 2018

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 11

Eugeo and Kirito are taken to the Central Cathedral by Integrity Knight Alice. After escaping their cell, they encounter another familiar face.

Episode 11 - "Central Cathedral"


There were some interesting developments concerning memory management within the virtual world of Underworld, like how does the familiar Alice act so differently and not remember Eugeo? And Eugeo obviously recognizes that Knight Eldrie at the end of the episode, but it's not revealed yet from where. It's understandable that these Knights don't wear helmets and masks within their headquarter grounds, but why didn't Alice wear a helmet collecting Eugeo and Kirito like that other Integrity Knight who took Alice away 8 years ago? Perhaps there's something important to the plot here besides the evocative scene of the childhood friend ending the long awaited reunion by clonking the pursuer in the face.

In the real world, Asuna witnesses two key points to the end of this arc. The first is that these artificial souls are going to "pilot" bodies instead of being installed in them. This is an interesting concept, which is explained away that AI takes up too much processing power to balance the bodies because real people aren't just their cerebrum, but their entire nervous system. This makes the fake souls playing the real world as a VR game exactly like real souls play in their world. I'm also curious to see the "profile" of this "Nii Emon" after the nerd talked up the obvious female looking body. Next body for Yui, Asuna and Kirito's secret AI child? Maybe the body looks too much like Rinko's "profile" that they don't want to show her?

The second point Asuna saw was relevant to the end game drama. She recognized or thought odd the appearance of one man who also smirked as he passed her in the hallway. This will be someone to keep in mind after Kirito breaks the game and successfully rewires his brain to take up his backup memories.


Clang! Not quite the happy reunion Eugeo was hoping for with Alice.

These Integrity Knights always talk about execution, but that's apparently not true.

These dragons are pretty chill about the whole domestication thing.

I liked the detail about the Pages having to drag Eugeo and Kirito's swords, but Alice had no trouble carrying both of them.

Tiese is a girl with problems. She and Ronie should not have complained directly to Raios and Humbert about their friend's problems. The chain of command says they bring their complaints to their own superior officers, and then those guys handle things. This whole situation really was their fault.

Ronie's going to be okay. She brought Kirito lunch. She has a sense of priorities.

Yeah! This is the stuff I signed up for. Kirito breaking the game using its own rules.

These cells were probably never designed to hold anyone higher than class 38.

This chain will need something as strong or stronger to break it. Where are we going to find something like that, as I hold this identical chain... Ha! I love this shit.

Some prison guard. Sleeps through everything.

This thing about roses seems important, but I don't know why.

Also, they just broke out of prison, yet they think they have time to yak at each other for ten minutes.

These two think Alice's memories must be kept at the top of the tower. Maybe just the source of the memory manipulation is up there? There's still the issue of the original memories leaking out to "visit" Kirito.

Kirito is bad with dude faces. He only recognizes girls. Eugeo, on the other hand, is plotzing himself looking at this Eldrie Synthesis 31.

Next time, it's a gang fight with chains!


  1. "Bad with dude faces..." oh man, that should be added to list of harem king traits!

    1. You're right. How many times has the Harem King asked some rando, "oh, you're the guy...?" instead of just saying hi right away? Uh, all the times.