Thursday, December 06, 2018

10 Second Anime - Sword Art Online - Alicization - Episode 9

Kirito and Eugeo continue to chafe against the conceited nobles Raois and Humbert. Eugeo's Page Tiese asks a favor.

Episode 9 - "Nobleman's Responsibilities"


Really? We're really going to do this class system, struggle, warfare thing?

*deep sigh*

Okay, I can understand how explaining a rigid social structure (noble ranks and the Taboo Index) is going to be key to unraveling the artificial souls' adherence to inviolate rules to spur this Alicization project, but I really don't need to see commoners butting heads with toxic noble personalities.

All you have to remember about this part of the story is how Raios said that "Battle isn't only about swinging a sword." Noted. Now be as nasty as you want to be toward vulnerable girls in lower stations and watch Kirito save the day and foist Eugeo as the hero.

Just get me there quickly so I can see this blue-haired goddess already!


Eugeo needs to figure out his own inspiration to give "weight" to his sword.

Golgorosso has strength and Liena has skills.

Oh, really. They're titling this episode "nobleman's responsibilities" but not putting it into the borrowed French concept of noblesse oblige. It's noblesse oblige.

Kirito thinks Humbert and Raios are strong because of their conceitedness and arrogance. They're going to have to break those two down.

Also, crap. We're really going to deal with those two pricks for a couple of episodes.

Ha. "Stay cool." Putting English through Japanese filtered through Underworld, uh, -ese.

Grammar and style rules are a pretty good way to demonstrate how unwritten rules work in everyday life, like politeness and honor.

Raios hides his disgust at commoners better than Humbert, but it looks deeper and nastier. I fully expect a scene where he does something that freaks Humbert out as going too far.

These two pricks are nastier than I gave them credit for. Getting soapland play to own the commoners is genius level deviancy.

Aw. These two kids Tiese and Eugeo are so pure. Sitting on the same bed is almost scandalous!

Kyaa! Tiese so bold! Sitting CLOSER!

Um, she's practically begging Eugeo to be her husband by winning the big tournament and earning a noble rank on her level.

I'm feeling uneasy that somebody saw this exchange and Tiese is going to be sacrificed to a school tribunal or the Integrity Knights. This chapter needs some kind of stake raising, so here we go.

Next time, something bad is going to happen if we're titling the episode "Taboo Index." Eugeo's itchy sword hand is going to cause a System Alert 871! I hope.

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