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10 Second Anime - Senran Kagura Shinovi Master - Tokyo Youma-hen - Episode 8

Fubuki declares war on the whole shinobi world, allying with a youma. As the shinobi girls reconcile, Asuka continues with her own agenda.



Somehow I don't think the episode title is referring to a Journey song.

My main thought as the episode went along, after the Hanzo girls were rescued and the twins had to reconcile with Yumi and the other shinobi girls, was that Fubuki must have said a whole hell of a lot to Asuka in their first encounter. We know she's a childhood friend of Yumi, which is why Asuka wanted her to avoid facing this mysterious girl, but I think Fubuki also told Asuka of her youma alliance.

There was a small quick scene in the third episode of Asuka looking up at some temple steps. I guessed that they belonged to Kagura's temple, but he hadn't seen yet what the importance was. Well, we know from the flashback that Asuka visited the Kagura to find a way of fighting youma without killing them. We now know from this episode that there's a penalty to pay from using it, which may be why the Kagura looks like a little girl most of them time.

For a show that supposed to be trashy exploitative fun, there's a lot of good housekeeping with the foreshadowing. But foremost, this is a fanservice show and the Katsuragi has been unleashed! Katsuragi Squeeze! Banzai!


Everyone is so surprised that this youma talks. Shouldn't Fubuki be surprised too?

This BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) youma calls her Rasetsu, Fubuki's blade. -setsu usually is some marker for "cutting" or "killing" in Japanese, so I wonder if she really does have a name or not.

Suzune says Rasetsu came from the volcano. I'll take her word for it.

Sucks to be them. Senkou and Gekkou got betrayed and abandoned.

Fubuki and Rasetsu seemed to perturbed at Asuka's aura. This show likes to lay out its clues and hints.

Kagura saw a youma and didn't fight it. Hmm. It also seemed like Fubuki was disappointed she didn't fall for the provocation. I'm not. I remember her actual form, so I'm only disappointed in not seeing the sexy big sister again. Little sister Kagura has the same mind, so she's pretty canny.

Asuka is pretty adamant about Fubuki lying about youma being struck first in the shinobi conflict, and that they have families and what not. Well, Fubuki only posed questions; she actually didn't say anything was true or not.

And then Rasetsu and Fubuki left after Asuka got fired up. Interesting.

Oh ho. After being freed from her youma shackles, Katsuragi is feeling daijoubu!

Man, that is quality sexual harassment, "Your mouth says no, but your boobs say yes!"

Ah. Things are falling into place here. Hanzo's sushi shop was closed because he went to the volcano along with Kiriya and Daidouji. We better see a whole bunch of Daidouji when we finally get to the volcano.

I'm distracted by Suzune's cleavage. Well, that's a given, but even more so because I'm not seeing her mole.

Flashback for the sisters seeking out Fubuki. Looks like they found her in China?

Still no explanation for why Fubuki wears those bandages. She was wearing her black sexy outfit when they first found her.

I thought everyone was still back at that Shinobi Masters arena. Where is this waterfall Senkou and Gekkou want to jump into?

Mistranslation here? The text says Senkou and Gekkou don't know how they can go back to the time before they met "the two of them." Two? They met Fubuki, but do they also mean Kurokage? Like reading his words? Kind of clumsy using the word "met." Perhaps "first knew" of the two of them would have been a better choice.

They're good girls. They admitted they were wrong.

Suicide! Don't do it!

Aw. Yumi's conception of Kurokage's justice is warm hands and a close embrace.

I've been waiting 8 episodes for Hanzo school hijinks. Katsuragi and her ramen do not disappoint.

Hibari's orders for Yagyu are absolute.

Oh, so that's what this is all about. Asuka wants to defeat the youma without killing them.

Kagura is right, though. Killing them is easier, because sealing them shortens the lifespan.

Asuka must have a Power of Friendship strategy, similar to how she co-opted Homura and Miyabi, and convinced Yumi to accept them too. The real enemy all along was youma, so Asuka is about to change that as well.

All those shinobi girls watching the Shinobi Masters tournament better show up and deal with whatever Fubuki just unleashed in Tokyo, but the other girls will get there first, judging from the preview.


We're in a transition episode to the final arc of the season, so there was only one scene of real NSFW nudity. Thankfully, Katsuragi's oppai squeezing ramen has you covered for totally inappropriate behavior.

Katsuragi knows how strong the power of skinship is for bringing girls into the group. Welcome to Senran Kagura, Senkou and Gekkou!

Judging from the preview, those youma are going to get all the shinobi academy girls in dire dress break situations. As long as they make up for the utter lack of Hanzo girls this season, I will be happy.

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