Sunday, November 18, 2018

Omake ScreenCap - Anima Yell! - Episode 7 - Hizume Cheers

Hizume tried to get closer to her classmates by going into cheer mode, but she may have overdone it by talking only in cheers.

The girls made their first shopping trip to the Cheer Shop. Hakone got overexcited and Uki just had to join her in trying out cute cheerleading uniforms.

Afterwards, Hizume asked for advice on how to deal with her classmates who seemed to be keeping their distance to her. Kotecchan agreed wholeheartedly that Hizume just needed to smile like she does in cheerleader mode.

Hakone's interpretation of the situation turned out to be correct - Hizume's classmates liked her too much that they couldn't approach her. Hakone broke the dam of affection by becoming the class' "enemy."

Apparently, Kana had enough of the cheerleading association taking her "senpai" away from real cheerleading. Part of her name is spelled with the word for "cow," so we can only look forward to all the cow girl jokes.

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