Friday, November 09, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Gakuen Basara - Episode 6 - Tsuruhime Aims

Tsuruhime's plan to get a message to her crush with a letter tied to an arrow could be taken the wrong way.

All the girls wanted their love fortunes done by Tsuruhime, who had her own love troubles. Saika-Sensei got involved to give them advice that could even help the unlucky Oichi.

That whole first half was instigated by Sasuke, who wanted Tsuruhime to tell Kasuga that he was her destined one. Like that's going to happen, but at least they're together in the eye catch.

The second half had the kids trying to decide where to go on their school trip. Kasuga and Matsu obsessed on how to turn the location into a date spot for their beloveds.

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