Thursday, November 08, 2018

Finds from the Grind - Flat Ride to Cogswell Dam

My "flat" ride to Cogswell Dam on April 28 had a lot of cyclists suffering flat tires.

The last time I did this ride was in March and I got rained on almost the entire way. Some people would call that epic, but I would call it coooold! This time around it was much better weather, but it seemed to be flat tire weather for a bunch of other cyclists.

I actually consider this route one of my flatter rides which, at only 2800 feet of climbing, is definitely flatter than my usual biweekly ride up to Mount Wilson. It does feature a climb up to San Gabriel Dam, but after that, it's rolling territory with a bunch of shorter climbs just to remind you that you are in the San Gabriel Mountains. It's a National Monument, you know? For now...

The descent wasn't as fun as it usually is this day because of the massive headwind moving up the canyon. Heavier, fitter riders had a blast, so to speak.

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