Friday, November 09, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 6

Kakine's group attacks Mugino's group. Kakine realizes he needs to pull down Accelerator to achieve his plans.

#06 - "Super-Espers"


Well, that's over with. It was hard to follow an arc where I didn't care about anyone, everyone was a bad guy, and all the terms and acronyms for abilities and groups were thrown out as word salad.

The saving grace of the whole thing was Last Order's relationship with Accelerator. Level 0 guy had an okay character development arc with trying to care for someone else, but meh. He got punched in the face by Spiky-kun to end his story, so why not having him punch Mugino in the face to end her arc?

But really, the cute little doll with the crazy hair antenna looking for lost kids was the only thing I cared about. And for all Accelerator's bluster about being evil on a grand scale, he's not really fooling anyone. He just happened to save every single civilian in his fight with Kakine just to show how much he owned him and his abilities. Right. But when he went berserk, it was because his big sister type Aiho got hurt. And who could stop him? His little sister type Last Order (Misaka Misaka). It kind of proves that he actually can't defeat Number Three Railgun Mikoto.

Basically, this arc was to show what the other Level 5's are doing and they're really not the angels of Academy City. Talking about angelic powers, thankfully we're back to Touma and The Right Seat of God next week.


So, that Kakine guy is looking like Freddy Kreuger or Edward Scissorhands.

Disposing a body, just to let you know that Mugino and ITEM are bad guys. We know.

Why exactly is SCHOOL going after ITEM? It's not just revenge. Ah, whatever. People getting hurt, dying, using their abilities. Roll with it.

Ugh. Mugino cut grenade girl Frenda in half. She got those crazy eyes going.

Har. That's actually a good line. Sticking a screwdriver in someone's ear and saying he's got a screw loose so she needs to tighten it. That's a villain line, or a violent hero's line.

Oh, Mugino had to get up one more time like a monster movie. She's got a bunch of bullets in her and she lost an eye, so she's dead right? I guess nobody's dead in this show unless they're cut in half and dragged around the city.

So many convoluted plots here. Kakine calls that glove thing "tweezers." And it comes down to fighting Accelerator anyway.

There's Misaka Misaka! No ice cream for her. Uiharu is having a good time, though.

She still claims she's looking for a lost child. Well, a couple of them are about to show up.

Oh, so Kakine wants to get Aleister's attention by reducing Accelerator's Level 5 rank. Oookaay.

Yeah, that's how you be evil. By saving innocent civilians' lives! Wait...

Dude, don't tell the math and vectors guy how your Dark Matter power works.

Oh, Accelerator went berserk when big sis type got hurt. That's not evil, that's just chaos.

Yeah! Last Order's lost child was Accelerator all along! Her antenna worked.

So those "tweezers" were for gathering nano-machine surveillance devices. DRAGON will be the next crime syndicate I don't care about.

Thank God, or The Right Seat of God, that we're back to Spiky-kun and magic next week.

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