Friday, November 02, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 5

GROUP stands against a mercenary band trying to break into a prison. Another band competes against SCHOOL on another heist.

#05 - "Dark Matter"


This is a bad part of this arc for me, because I don't know who these people are, why they're supposed to be interesting, or why I should care. This looks more like fanservice for the readers of the light novels, who would know all about Musujime and her past gang activity, or Xochitl and why she hates GROUP's Aztec mimic so much. I know none of this, so I would need the anime director to show me, and he didn't show me.

So, I'm just biding my time until Uiharu and Misaka Misaka get sucked into the four-way underground battle (or is it five-way with ITEM?), between GROUP, SCHOOL, BLOCK, and MEMBER. That last interloper isn't doing so hot with their plans, since Accelerator took out one guy on his way to foiling a convoluted plan to get the literal head of Academy City out of confinement, and Kakine didn't even have to worry about MEMBER's attempt to rob him of some special hand with blades.

I did like how Accelerator is a great anti-hero and showed the other guy how to play the evil villain. Yeah, he knows! 


Yay! More Misaka Misaka!

Ha! Uiharu knows how to get the attention of lost children. Make fun of their hair!

Ugh. This mercenary plot is so convoluted. Lucky for everyone involved that the girl they wanted to talk to by grabbing hostages was working with GROUP all this time.

Accelerator is so good at math. Since he was the slowest walker, he knew he should be the one to take out the rest of the mercenaries in the courtyard of Esper juvenile hall.

I don't even know what's up with the Aztec lady. She absorbed a grimoire? Like Index has? I guess this means there's as many kinds of magic in the world as there are religions. And she's not even important enough to show how the mimic dealt with her.

Oh yeah. That Kakine guy needs ITEM for something. This show is not shy about hurting kids. It's a good way to show that bad people are BAD.

Next time, Accelerator gets to do some more anti-hero stuff. Misaka Misaka better get to go to that amusement park after all this.

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