Friday, October 12, 2018

Omake Gif Anime - Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - Episode 2 - Romio Iron Claw on Juliet

Romio's attempts to hide his relationship with Juliet whenever they get discovered together usually defaults to the violent and painful. Juliet is not a fan of this behavior.

The girls of Dahlia Academy like to kick hard, as Hasuki and Juliet both demonstrate.

The big drama of the first half of the episode was Romio trying to give Juliet a rosary, but his gift got broken during one of the usual melees. Juliet showed her appreciation for the gesture by giving him her own rosary filled with sentimental value.

The B Part had comedic hijinks ensue during an attempted date with a disguised Juliet as a younger relative named Julio. Juliet should learn to wear boys underwear if she's going to cross-dress.

The other cute girls of Dahlia Academy made their official debuts in the ED credits. We've met Juliet and Hasuki already, and we just got a hint of Chartreux this episode.

Chartreux looks like she's going to feature heavily in the next episode, judging from the preview. The panty flashes weren't enough for the ecchi levels, so they're going to add a dominatrix fetish vibe to the mix.

There goes that sexy cat Chatreux in the end card.

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