Friday, October 26, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 4

Rival ESP factions vie for control of Academy City's criminal underground. Tsuchimkikado's GROUP works to keep the peace.

#04 - "The Dark Side of Academy City"


These episodes covering the beginning of a new arc without the main characters are the ones I hate the most. Who are these people? Why are they doing those things? When does Spiky-kun come back to punch someone? These are the only questions running through my mind as I watch people with no cards explaining who they are, their affiliations, or even how old they are. Most anime flash something across the screen with their blood types and three sizes, but not this show.

Anyway, I recognize Tsuchimikado, Accelerator, and the little Mikasa Mikasa. That's about it. I could barely figure out that this a story about three Level 5 Espers battling it out, although I don't know if you can still classify Accelerator as Level 5, but the other two, Mugino ranked 4 and Kakine ranked 2, definitely are. Mugino doesn't like Kakine, but then she doesn't like hardly anybody.

So, two criminal factions ITEM, with leader Mugino, and SCHOOL, with leader Kakine, are mixing it up over something big enough to get the attention of big honcho of Academy City Aleister. Tsuchimikado's GROUP with problem child Accelerator is there to put the hurt on them. All I care about is little Mikasa fondly thanking Accelerator for giving her a lollipop at some point.


Tsuchimikado sure does like gut shots.

Yay! Mikasa Mikasa! Still not going to the amusement park, but still fondly wishing!

Ugh, this cutter guy is not rescuing anybody. He's eliminating people.

Part of the heist nature of this story is figuring out what SCHOOL wants.

Oh, look. It's ITEM and bitchy bitch Mugino Melt-Downer. Explosives girl is still going at it, just to open a can of curry.

Accelerator ain't got time for this. He's going straight to the other location by hijacking a car.

Next time, maybe we get to see some funny stuff with Uiharu and the other cute girls of Judgment?

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