Tuesday, October 16, 2018

10 Second Anime - Toaru Majutsu no Index III - Episode 2

Touma lands in Avignon, meets Itsuwa, attempts to sever a magical pipeline, and confronts the first villain of the group responsible for the religious riots. Busy day!

#02 "The Right Seat of God"


With a lot of sitting around talking, either in an interrogation room, a hypersonic jet, or in a global chain coffee house, we got to the two main themes of this dramatic arc. We're dealing with the Roman Orthodoxy, what this story calls the Roman Catholic Church, and its two doctrines of Original Sin and Papal Authority under Ex Cathedra.

Now, ex cathedra (the full authority of the pope) is not exactly the same as the doctrine of papal infallibility, but infallibility can only be invoked under ex cathedra. Hey, this this the Church, the last refuge of Latin and Aristotelian Logic. It matters. In fact, papal infallibility and Original Sin are inextricably linked because of Mary, the Mother of God.

Papal infallibility has only been invoked formally and doctrinally twice in the Church's two thousand year history and both times have dealt with the nature of Mary's birth and death. The first time is what matters for the plot, where in 1854, the pope declared that Mary was born without Original Sin. Logically, this had to follow, because only through baptism is Original Sin forgiven and Souls are able to seek Communion with God again. Well, Mary couldn't have been baptized before Jesus or even John the Baptist came around, so how could the Son of God be born to a vessel apart from God the Father? The pope declared as a Mystery and Article of Faith, that Mary was Immaculately Conceived. Way to go, Mary!

Anyway, for this story, a group calling itself the Right Seat of God, which is a reference to the first pope Peter, figured out a way to diminish Original Sin so their magic powers are actually angelic or even Christ-like. Also, by using some Catholic power lines built between Avignon and the Vatican during the papal exile there, these guys are using Ex Cathedra to make the faithful believe that the Academy City people are evil, without having to go through Vatican security. That's a lot of exposition to get out of the way before Touma can do his one punch thing on the bad guys.


So, Stiyl is in France. These Anglican guys are lording it over the Roman guys...

These Roman guys have Italian names, naturally, being from the Vatican and all.

Lots of tension, but it appears everyone wants to stop the real bad guys.

And Touma is still falling out of the sky.

Touma is saved by the power of oppai.

Ah. It's that mousy Itsuwa girl from the Japanese Christians Amakusa.

Oh, she needs to change because she's indecent. And then she changed into something more indecent!

Those Roman Orhodoxy guys asked the Anglicans to release Oriana Thompson, who was the booby lady from the 2nd season. Well, she's not making it into this arc, so Itsuwa is now dressed like her, flopping cleavage and all!

The McGuffin this time around is the Document of Constantine, which is basically the Church's deed for all of Europe. Magically, it's an artifact that lets one invoke Ex Cathedra to make people believe stuff, but there are certain conditions that need to be met at the Vatican to use it. Hey, just like in real life...

Someone used it to make the rioters believe Academy City are bad guys, so why are they landing in France instead of Italy?

Ah. Avignon. Of course. The papal palace there would have some magical connection to the Vatican. I can turn my brain off and just watch the action and dramatic noise between the characters now.

Har. Kanzaki does not wear a slutty outfit!

Touma got game in French. No wonder he has a harem.

So, I see four bad guys in this Right Seat of God group. Which one is the actual boss and which one will we meet first?

Tsuchimikado doesn't want Touma to use Imagine Break on the magic pipeline between Avignon and the Vatican because they don't know exactly how it would break. What if he destroyed the entire grid of magical pipelines?

Amakusa has their own way of severing a magical line, which apparently needs white panties...

Hoh, here comes the action.

This guy is obviously a Joker fan. Terra of the Left, like in Earth?

What's he throwing around? Ash, sand, chalk? Flour?

He's in France, so this guy wants to cut heads with a guillotine blade. Makes sense to me!

Next time, I'm sure we'll get like five minutes of straight talking about how this Terra guy's power works.

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