Wednesday, October 10, 2018

10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S3 - Episode 45

Rod Reiss becomes a huge Titan and threatens a nearby district. Eren and crew escape, but Historia faces a difficult decision.

Episode 45 - "Outside the Walls of Orvud District"


At the beginning of the season, I wondered what kind of life threatening situation Eren would need to be in to actually make a Titan Wall. He's only made breakthroughs with his Titan powers in the most dire of circumstances, so how could learning to be the largest mason in the Walled Kingdom be dangerous? Well, how about a massive cave in? Well played by the story to get us to this point. Also, thanks to the Reiss family black bag to have a bottle of Titan Armor serum. Will that make Eren's new Foundation Power permanent like the serum for granting Titan transformation? We'll have to see.

Also, the Scouts seem to be wedded to this idea that Reiss Foundation Titans are "brainwashed" by the First King. I like my idea better of memories convincing the new Titan King that not exterminating Titans and staying behind the walls was very necessary. I'm sure it's related to where the infiltrating Titans came from.


Whoa. Rod is a big Titan. That's not going to be good for the cavern.

Yay! Mikasa arrived just in time to catch Historia.

Eren's a doper. He just grabbed that jar and now he can make Titan crystals.

Nice. Eren did his job. Of course he almost had to die to finally make a Wall. Like always. Also, nice perspective on what a Titan pilot looks like inside there.

Caven and Kenny have to be dead from that cave in.

Ha. Everybody gets to call Eren a crybaby. Even Sasha when she's late to the party.

That is a big fucking Titan! Excuse my language, but Rod is large and not in charge.

Is he swimming freestyle on the ground? He's moving like a caterpillar too. Gross.

Eren is still willing to get eaten by Rod to stop the carnage, but Historia makes some good points about mind control in a Reiss Titan with the Foundation power. Eren must be feeling guilt because of what he saw his father do, but there was no guarantee that the royal family would stop the invading Titans.

Back to the basement, finally. Sasha tried to look smart about how important it is, but she probably never heard about it.

Historia realizes stopping Rod as an unintelligent Titan will kill him, but she'll have to give up the idea of having a relationship with her father after all these years.

Queen Historia! Long live the Queen! But first, she wants to kick some ass.

Hee. Mikasa says Historia can punch Levi in the face when she becomes Queen. She already agreed; no need to oversell it.

Now, how is Erwin going to defeat that burning slug? Find out next time.

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