Wednesday, September 19, 2018

10 Second Anime - Shingeki no Kyojin S3 - Episode 41

Hange and Levi recruit agents and allies as they search for Eren and Historia while fighting for the Scouts' survival.

Episode 41 - "Trust"


The King's inner circle and the Interior Police are underestimating the Scout Regiment, which is obviously necessary for how their insurgency will get off the ground, but just because it's a necessary plot point doesn't mean the narrative can't be satisfying. As Hange said while recruiting Flegel to continue his father's work with the Scouts, "Defeat is all the Scout Regiment has ever known!" It's literally true, since they have huge casualty rates fighting the Titans, and they never seem to actually complete their mission to defeat all the Titans. Erwin has a plan for that, though.

Hange is smart to get the populace and the press on her side, plus her psy-ops campaign exposed how the Military Police is just as oppressed as everyone else is by the Interior Police. They gave the elder Reeves an offer he couldn't refuse in kidnapping Eren and Historia and the MP chasing after Flegel confessed that he probably would have been killed if he had failed his mission to capture or kill Flegel.

On Levi's side, he's recruiting agents within the MP's just by reputation alone and the timely exposure of who the hidden Titan was to her roommate Hitch. There were plenty of guys in the MP already like Marlo, who admired the ethic of the Scouts to face the Titans outside the Walls, so it's a big deal to convince MP's like Hitch, who are like the MP that Hange smacked, who began to doubt the Scouts because of the disinformation and propaganda being spread by the Interior Police.

Well, technically Jean recruited Marlo and Hitch, but Levi didn't refuse him.

Meanwhile, big picture guy Erwin has a big operation coming from Commander Pyxis himself. This is going to be good!


Hey, I've seen this sex hair girl before. She seems to like Marlo, but doesn't want to admit it.

Oh, right. From the academy days and she was Annie's roommate. Her scene with Marlo echoes what the townspeople were complaining about with the Scouts letting a Titan battle cause so much damage within the city.

I always forget how little time has actually passed in this show. For anime viewers, it's been five years since we saw Eren and Annie duking it out. For the characters, it's been mere weeks or months.

Lone Scout getting water? It's a trap!

New press guy "doesn't know how things are done inside the walls." Lots of secrets being kept by the Interior Police.

Even the Military Police guy knows the new ODM gear used by Kenny's crew is for killing people, specifically killing Scouts, instead of Titans.

Hitch got a truth bomb dumped on her. Instead of being a puddle left in the street, Annie was missing because she was the hidden Titan running around.

Marlo gets it. Levi won't let him join, though.

Uh oh. Jean is going to try something with these two.

Oh. He was just testing them, not going to kill them. Well, he got a nice whack to the head for his trouble.

Levi will use their information, but they have to go back to their posts. The Scouts have insider agents now.

Nice information operation, Hange! Co-opting Flegel. Letting the people hear the truth about Reeves' death. Getting the press to report on it too. But learn how to throw a punch to the face, okay?

Ha! Corpse humping. Or teabagging, whichever.

Levi still calls Historia "Christa." I guess it depends on who he's talking to.

Whoa, whoa, whoa again! Kenny's last name is Ackermann? Even Levi didn't know that. Does Levi even know his own last name? Mikasa picked up on that name real quick.

This is how the big boys play. Erwin threatens the King with Pyxis. Something large enough scale to make Erwin worry about the other side's family. I'm looking forward to this.

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